Greatest Australian Surfing Achievements

Greatest Australian Surfing Achievements

Australia is a country which is renowned for its picturesque beaches, laid-back nature and surfing history. In order to honour the great surfers, we have decided to highlight some of the greatest Australian surfing achievements throughout history.


  • Layne Beachley

Born in 1972, Layne Beachley is an Australian icon that has gained her recognition due to her incredible surfing abilities. Being the only surfer to have earned seven executive global titles throughout her surfing career, Layne Beachley has changed the world of surfing for the better. Despite her countless awards, Beachley earns her place due to her affect upon the world of surfing. Her success, alongside the establishment for the Aim for the Stars Foundation’, has made surfing more accessible for women everywhere.  


  • Joel Parkinson

The winner of twelve world tour events and often being featured on the APL/WSL top 5 numerous times, Joel Parkinson, commonly referred to as ‘Parko’, is considered one of the greatest surfers to ever grace Australian shores. Aside from his instinctive and hypnotic surfing style, Parko’s laidback and relaxed nature cements him as an iconic and friendly Australian legend that has a genuine love for surfing. When overlooking this, it’s little wonder why he’s considered one of the greatest Australian surfers.  


  • Peter Troy

Peter Troy, a surfing legend that is considered one of the greats due to his spontaneity and his innovative approach to surfing. Prior to the development of surf reports, the Internet and everything in between, Troy boldly traversed the globe surfing from coast to coast. Through simplistic means of travel, Troy was able to visit the coasts of Hawaii, Peru, Europe, Argentina and the United States. Later in his life, Troy expressed his passion for surfing through administrative means. By co-founding the first Bells contest in 1962, then later developing plans for the Australian National Surfing Museum, Troy helped establish a legacy. Troy is one of Australia’s greatest surfers as his practice has greatly impacted the nature of surfing to this day.  


  • Robert “Nat” Young

  Author, Athlete and innovator Robert “Nat” Young is a surfer who is considered one Australia’s finest due to his countless contributions to the world of surfing. Amongst the plethora of achievements, one of his finest contributions included his contributions to the ‘short-board revolution’. His work with Bob McTavish contributed greatly to the movement of “Involvement Surfing” which centred on a more aggressive approach, which included more powerful turns. Alongside this “The Animal” was renowned for his competitive respect, as well as his literary success later on in life.  

When observing the achievements of these incredible surfing legends it is incredible to think that so many Australian surfers have had such an impact upon surfing culture. It is clear to see that the greatest Australian surfing achievements can be seen through the efforts of these inspiring surfers.

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