Disrupt Supplies the Grand Prize in a Smashbox Studios Contest

Launched in a partnership between Smashbox Studios and Fast Ashleys Studios, Surf + Skate 2017 Photo Contest aims to inspire and empower talented photographers to capture the best surfing and skating moments.
Legendary west coast studio, Smashbox Studios, and iconic Brooklyn studio Fast Ashleys wanted to bring awareness to the great work being done by non-profit Stoked as well as give an opportunity for photographers at all levels to come together.  This contest represents the creativity, athleticism, and drive that exists in both brands.
The first prize is one of Disrupt's gnarly shark emblazoned surfboards. The prizes including that shark are original designs created by illustrator Dylan Goldberger. The exclusive design was created for this contest and only for Fast Ashleys and Smashbox Studios.

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