Red Bull Cape Fear - Sydney

Red Bull Cape Fear - Sydney

This weekend Sydney and major parts of the south eastern coast of Australia was hit by a massive storm. With it came springs tides and swells that were good enough to have the Red Bull Cape Fear competition take place. Set in Sydney’s own Botany Bay the competition only happens when the swell is high enough, which was not the case for all of last year. Forecasts looking this good for the first time in 15 years made sixteen of the biggest names in surfing pack their bags and head down to Cape fear in Botany Bay for two days of competition. With little over a day to set up the Red Bull crew worked all night to get the preparations in place for the competition on Monday.

Monday morning everything was in place and the surfers came in to see what they had gotten themselves into. Cape Fear had served up waves spanning 12-15 feet,  the competitors faces were nervous but at the same time stoked to give this infamous break a try. Two of the four heats ran through Monday morning until the tide came down too low and finally the break deemed too dangerous - the competition was called off for the day.

Tuesday morning with new convictions they were at it again for the final two heats of Cape Fear and the final. The waves were a little calmer, taking off some of the edge but still creating a great day of competition.

The event saw some incredible waves, intense wipeouts but luckily no serious injuries and a crowned winner: Aussie Russell Bierke - at the age of 18 he proved himself officially out of the rookie club and into the big leagues.

Congratulations Cape Fear Winner 2016: Russell Bierke   Find out about some more Aussie legends.

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