Can I Rent A Surfboard?

Can I Rent A Surfboard?

You might be a beginner surfer and don't have your own board so the question may arise, "Can I rent a surfboard?". For sure! Most surf shops that have surfboards in stock also have some to rent.

This is always a better option to see whether you are really into surfing before buying a surfboard. It is always best to test out a board before purchasing one, this will allow you to feel it out and decide if it is something you really want. If you are looking to try out a surfboard check out the calendar for demo days where you can test out a variety of surfboards.

Keep an eye on our website and  Facebook page to get amongst it. Some surf shops charge you a small fee to rent a surfboard for a week or so.  However they then give you the amount paid to rent a surfboard as a discount off a board if you decide to make a purchase. So make sure you ask your local surf shop about this option. Unsure about what type of board you should be trying out?

Check out here what board to grab for a beginner. Also make sure you check out everything that you need to know about beginning to surf right here!

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