Amazing Health Benefits of Surfing

Amazing Health Benefits of Surfing

The health benefits of surfing cannot be overemphasized. If you’re lucky to live by the ocean side and have the opportunity to go surfing daily, then you have been granted a chance to stay fit and healthy. Surfing is an exercise that is both aerobic and anaerobic and offers the following amazing health benefits.


Health Benefits of Surfing

Cardiovascular health

Surfing exercises the cardiovascular system. As you pad, you employ your upper body muscles, and your leg muscles are required to guide the board when you are riding. Every minute you spend surfing works out your core body muscles and the upper body, which has proven benefits on cardiovascular and heart health.


Psychological health

Surfing as a physical exercise can help relieve depression, stress, and boost moods.

health benefits of surfing

In 2010, a study was conducted in California State University to determine the implication of surfing on mental health. They discovered that participants who felt angry, depressed, or stress were more calm, relaxed, and happy after undergoing a surfing routine. Surfing can efficiently help people manage mental illness. The relaxation and stress relieving effects may be due to closeness to nature and the freedom it gives. According to that study, surfing gives people an enhanced sense of tranquility and mental balance.

Vitamin D

The body needs the time spent outdoors under the sun while surfing-- exposure to the sun, which is the best source of vitamin D. Vitamin D for stronger bones—influenced by its regulative activity on the amount of calcium and phosphorus in the body. It also promotes the growth of healthy skin cells.


Workout and body building

Surfing builds the muscle in your legs, back, shoulder, and core body. When paddling, you are constantly changing movement and following the waves. This activity allows to burn calories, stay fit and healthy. Most surfers have toned legs and high body cores due to the balance they manage to get when they hit the waves.


Improved balance and flexibility

Maintaining balance while surfing is probably the most important skill you need. To maintain your position on the surfboard, you need to be able to keep a steady balance and flexibility. These skills often come in handy in surfing and daily living for prevention of injuries.


Improved Sleep

Apart from its soothing effects on the minds, surfing, like other exercises can significantly improve the quality of your sleep. Sleeping helps the body repair and rebuild itself, and allow you to wake up feeling refreshed and reinvigorated.


Increased Endurance and perseverance Levels

One of the exciting health benefits of surfing is that it increases your endurance levels. Since faltering on the waves can spell disaster, surfers are often committed and endure long enough to complete a session. It is certainly not an easy sport, and perseverance is necessary for learning and expertise.
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