Health Benefits of Skateboarding: Shedding the Festive Weight

Despite all the festivities, when Christmas comes around there is always the inevitable realisation of extra pounds hanging around the belly. However, there’s no need to start your new year with a crushingly restrictive diet when you could be outside reaping the health benefits of skateboarding.


Calorie Burning

Depending on how intense you ride, skateboarding can burn anywhere between 150-500 calories every hour, which means you can easily lose 1-2lbs every week by riding around. Couple that with a few less chips/fries and a few more carrots and you’ll see a transformation in no time.


Joints and Workout

Why stop at weight loss when you can actually improve your health? In order to skate properly your knees and especially your ankles need to be limber. The long term benefits of which can help you in later life. You use every region of muscles in order to skate, it’s a great full body workout for the person who is trying to get a lean look all over. You only need to visit your local skate park to see what kind of toned physique long term skaters can achieve.


Nailing a Trick

So far the only benefits that have been stated are ones with 4 wheels firmly on the ground. Once you get into trick territory the precision required becomes meticulous and discovered only with heaps of practice. Practising tricks combines explosive exercise with the endurance of normal riding, leading to a more complete work out. Plus, you would’ve learned a trick which is always awesome.


Transferring those Skills

The beauty of board sports is that balance is a fundamental skill in all of them. So, if you can do it on a skateboard, it’s not going to take you long to find it on a surfboard or a snowboard. Whatever the weather you’ll have the skills to get shredding in no time!

So if you’re making new year’s resolutions to lose a bit of weight and get in shape, why not feel the health benefits of skateboarding by having some fun going for a ride?

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