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Custom Branded Snowboards Guide: Printing types, qualities, materials, where to buy


Have you ever considered using custom-designed snowboards to promote your business or brand? If not, you're missing out on a unique and effective way to stand out from the crowd. In this blog post, we'll cover everything you need to know about buying custom-designed snowboards for your business, so let's hit the slopes!

Different Types of Snowboards

When it comes to buying custom-designed snowboards, there are a few different types to choose from. 

All-mountain snowboards are the most versatile and can be used on various terrains, making them a great option for general promotional use. 

Freestyle snowboards are perfect for businesses that want to showcase their fun and playful side, while powder snowboards are ideal for promoting outdoor and adventure-related brands. 

Split boards, which can be separated into two pieces for backcountry touring, are also a unique option for businesses that want to promote environmental sustainability.

What Are Snowboards Made Out Of?

The materials used to create custom-designed snowboards are crucial to their performance and durability. The most common materials include wood, fiberglass, and plastic. 

The core of the snowboard is typically made of wood, which provides a sturdy and responsive feel.


Fiberglass is used to add durability and maintain the board's shape over time. 

Finally, plastic is used for the base of the board, which provides a smooth surface that glides effortlessly over the snow.

How Are Custom Snowboards Printed?

Now, let's talk about the fun part – the graphics! We use a variety of printing methods to create unique and eye-catching designs for our custom snowboards

One popular method is sublimation printing, which involves transferring a design onto a special paper and then onto the snowboard using heat and pressure. This method allows for vibrant colors and intricate designs.

Screen printing is another popular method, which involves pushing ink through a stencil onto the snowboard. This method is great for simple designs with bold colors. 

Vinyl is also an option, which allows for more detailed designs with various colors and patterns.

How Can You Use Snowboards In Your Marketing Campaigns?

Using custom-designed snowboards for promotional purposes can help businesses stand out from the competition. A snowboard with your brand's logo or message is a unique and eye-catching way to advertise your business. You can use them as giveaways, prizes, or sell them as merchandise.

If you're a business in the outdoor or adventure industry, a custom-designed snowboard is the perfect way to showcase your brand's passion for outdoor activities.

If you're a business in the fashion or lifestyle industry, a custom snowboard with a trendy design can show off your brand's style and appeal to a younger, more adventurous demographic. No matter what industry you're in, a custom-designed snowboard is a great way to promote your brand and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Where To Buy Custom Shot Skis

At Disrupt Sports, we offer custom-branded snowboards with no minimum order quantity! We have a range of materials and qualities available, depending on your budget. To get a quote, drop us an email or live chat now!

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