Fishermans Friend Snowboard

Case Study: How Disrupt Sports Supplied Premium Custom-Branded Snowboards For International Client

Fishermans Friend Snowboard


Promotional products distributor Ideenschmiede approached Disrupt Sports to supply 25 retail quality, custom-branded premium snowboards for their well-renowned client, Fisherman's Friend

The brief was simple - to ensure the "strong & dependable" brand image of Fisherman's Friend was translated into a fully usable, great-looking product. 


This project was no different to the rest, in that it went through three main stages:

- Design

- Production & Quality Control

- Delivery & Testing


Stage 1: Design

This stage was simple - our in-house design team was not needed as a ready-to-print design was created by Ideenschmiede.

The design was double-sided with some intricate details, so it was critical that the finished product would be representative of the virtual mockup.

Snowboard Design Mockup 

Stage 2: Production & Quality Control

Our premium snowboards are made from carefully selected materials that not only include current snow technology, but also look visually appealing when printed on. Each board features stainless steel inserts, full-length wood core and seamless urethane sidewalls.

Once the boards were printed, they went through our quality control process to ensure they met our high standards. As you can see, the digital print came out exactly like the virtual mockup.

The board was produced ready to use, with a layer of wax applied and brand-new, sanded edges.

 Snowboard Design Production

 Snowboard Design Production Back

Stage 3: Delivery & Testing

The boards were delivered directly to Ideenschmiede in Germany so that they can be tested by the team themselves.

As expected, they were very pleased with the physical and print quality of the board.

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