Surfboard in Space

Surfboard in Space

Sometimes we just have to let our imagination go wild. Whether it’s being crazy or facing our fears, it’s a part of us that helps us go that extra mile with whatever we do in life. So when we thought of the idea of a surfboard flying into space, it felt like such a ridiculous, yet ingenious idea that sprung into life. To accomplish this particular task, we really had to go that extra mile, literally.

Driving 6 hours west into the countryside of NSW, everyone’s emotional state seemed to really be all over the place. Even before arriving to our destination, we had a few close calls ranging from the time when we nearly ran out of petrol to the point where we thought our human size can of helium was going to explode on us. Despite all the chaos and mayhem, we finally arrived at Harden Shire Airfield.

Upon arrival, we were all so relieved from that long journey, almost forgetting the actual task at hand. We first blew up the massive balloon with helium (thank God, it was alive), and locked the Original 360 Degree GoPro on to the surfboard. Just before launch, we sealed a GPS tracker onto the surfboard, alongside our contact details and a temperature recording. From months of extensive research, we knew today was the day and that there was a lot riding on our very own Disrupt surfboard launching into the stratosphere of space. 3…2…1…

Before we even knew it, the balloon shot straight right up into the sky and it was a sight that we couldn’t quite contain. So we quickly packed our equipment and back we were in the car driving off to the estimated drop location. However, the feeling of excitement had dropped as we were taken to a remote location into a rural farm, with the package nowhere to be found.

After hours of searching, we had finally found the GPS tracker but without the actual package. It dawned on us that maybe our imagination was a bit too wild and perhaps we were a little bit too ambitious this time around. Sunstroked, with a heavy heart we trekked it all the way home to Bondi, surfboardless, with only the GPS tracker in our hands. All that excitement had disappeared until one late afternoon phone call. It was a call from the local police station in Harden, informing us that a local farmer had found the package. From slow disappointment to immediate hope, the farmer informed to us that the package included all our equipment and gear and our 360 Degree GoPro were still there. It was an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction envisioning our wild imagination come to life, as we saw the 360 footage of the Disrupt surfboard launch into space. This surfboard launch reminded us to have the ambition to not only go father than man had gone before, but to go as far as it was possible to go.

If you don't believe us, just watch it for yourself  

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