Disrupt introduces the world's first connected surfboard

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The World's First Connected Surfboard

Disrupt., a featured Aussie startup on thetechpulse, has announced the launch of SmartSurf - the world's first connected surfboard.  For more information about the next generation of surfing technology, and to sign up as a beta head check here.

SmartSurf is an embedded microchip and cloud technology that enables surfers who have designed their own surfboards on Disrupt's platform to simply tap their phone against the board.  This allows them to access their surfboard designs, images from the production process, their registered details (in case the board goes missing) and even logs of their surfing destinations across the world.  This all works without an app even being installed!

We caught up with Gary Ephick, CEO and founder of Disruptsports.com, who spoke about the lagging of innovation in the surf industry.  "Consumers are demanding more input in their surfboard designs and from output of their equipment."  Gary also mentioned that "SmartSurf is the first of many additions to the Disrupt custom design platform".

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