7 Top Fitness Trackers

7 Top Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers are a brilliant way to monitor your activity and keep motivated when exercising. Whether you’re a cycling enthusiast, yoga addict, or just looking to lose a little weight, fitness trackers provide information helping users improve their health.

Always wanted to track those heroic surfs you have? Constantly wondering your highest speed on the slopes? Here are 7 top fitness trackers that can help you figure out how to achieve your top goals everyday.


Trace for Surfing

Trace provides users with in-depth information about their surfing session. Surfing and paddling can be cleverly separated with GPS maps of each wave colour coded for speed. Information that is measured includes bottom and top turns, speed, airs, paddle distance, calories burnt and more. It works by attaching a mount to your surfboard and using its app to gather data. This is a really cool piece of kit that allows you to monitor the Amazing health benefits of surfing as well as help improve your surfing ability.


Trace Top Fitness Trackers


Strava App 

Strava is a popular and excellent GPS cycling app that offers a variety of fitness tracking options. It allows users to measure their ride stats such as speed, time, and distance, additionally tracking where they’ve been. Furthermore, users can view calories burnt and elevation ridden, and then compare this data with previous journeys and friend’s data.

Top Fitness Trackers Strava App

Fitbit Charge 2

The Fitbit charge 2 is a serious piece of equipment and one of the top fitness trackers out there. The updated features allow users to not only keep track of blood pressure, allergy sensitivity, and stress level, but also offer meal-tracking options to. User’s can enter everything they eat and drink throughout the day, and the Fitbit app estimates the number of calories and nutrients consumed, ensuring calorie goals are met for weight gain/loss. 


Top Fitness Trackers Fitness Charge 2

Rip Curl GPS Surf Watch

This surf watch by rip curl is the most wave-proof fitness tracker yet. The waterproof GPS counts your waves and tracks your top speed and distance. Some other smart features include local tide times, paddle distance, and an alarm letting you know when your parking ticket expires. The data collected can then be uploaded to the app, and displayed in a handy user-interface, where users can analyse their waves and improve future surf performance. 

Top Fitness Trackers Rip Curl Surf Watch


Microsoft Band 2

Much like most of the top fitness trackers out there today, the Microsoft band 2 provides the basic features to keep track of your fitness and improve your health. However, the Microsoft band 2 is among a select few that allow you to add guided workouts from the Microsoft Health app to use on the Band 2. This smart watch/fitness tracker combination is perfect for yoga, and lets you download a variety of workouts from industry-known names such as Gold’s gym and Shape magazine. Starting a workout is simple, and after it has downloaded and synced to the band, it will start with a simple click on the workout title. Now you can design your own workouts, design your own yoga mat, and see what magical places your yoga routines can take you.


Top Fitness Trackers Microsoft Band 2

Ski Tracks App

Ski Tracks App allows skiers and snowboarders to keep track of their stats while skiing. The stats that are tracked include speed, distance, altitude, and ski vertical among others. The best and most convenient feature of this app is that it does not need to be managed manually. It can simply be turned on, and put in your pocket and it will automatically track your performance all day on the mountain. It’s perfect for competing with friends and comparing top speeds, and for only $1.49 it really is one of the top fitness trackers for the slopes!

Top Fitness Trackers Ski Tracks


iPhone Health App

The iPhone health app is a brilliant free fitness tracker that comes preinstalled on all iPhones and is probably sitting in your pocket collecting data now. The app keeps track of important biometric data and also records steps and walking/running distance. The highlight of this app is that it can be collaborated with other fitness apps and paired with tools so that it can log health stats from multiple sources. For example it can be integrated with Apple’s bedtime app that will track sleep periods. User’s can then measure sleeping patterns and determine whether sleep is related to productivity. How yoga improves sleep is a good example of how health benefits are related to exercise and a fitness tracker can support this even more.


Top Fitness Tracker iPhone Health App

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