Why Surfing Etiquette is so Important

Why Surfing Etiquette is so Important

Surfing etiquette is without a doubt one of the most important things a surfer needs to know before heading into the water. Surfing etiquette is so important due to the fact that it allows everyone to make the most out of his or her surfing experience. This code of conduct is something that is universally accepted amongst surfers and should be honoured upon the shores of any beach. Here are some of the most basic rules to follow.


#1 Right of Way When surfing, the general rule consensus is that those who are closest to the peaks of the wave have right of way. By following this simple rule, all surfers are guaranteed a safer and more enjoyable time when riding waves.

For instance, the practice of break sharing is an important aspect of surfing etiquette, as it allows for surfers to share two-way peaks with surfers. By communicating effectively with the other surfer present, you can both choose to split the peak or allow one person to take the wave. When in doubt it always good to communicate and act accordingly.  



#2 Respect Local Surfers When travelling it is crucial to respect the rights of the local and distinguished surfers within the location you are surfing at. As you move further away from your own local spot, you’ll have to make more attempts to accommodate to their customs. When surfing in a foreign environment, it is important to allow the locals to set the pace, keep the area clean and to allow them to maintain their levels of respect.

One way to show your respect is to observe their patterns and assure that you don’t outsurf the locals as it is bound to ruin the enjoyment for everything. By travelling in smaller numbers, you can ensure that you will maintain the vibe that is present within this new area.


#3 Don’t Snake or Drop-in on Other Surfers! When surfing, one of the important aspects to surfing etiquette is the rule concerning snaking and Drop-ins. It is absolutely unacceptable to catch a wave has been claimed by other surfers. Drop-ins can often result in two surfers colliding and therefore ruins the wave for all parties involved. The practice of snaking is considered one of the worst displays of surfing etiquette, as it is more exploitive and subtle rendition of the drop-in. When a surfer snakes it can result in arguments so if you find yourself constantly dropping in on someone else, paddle to another section.  


#4 Don’t Ditch Your Board This rules testifies as to why surfing etiquette is so important as failing to abide by this rule results in absolute chaos. By failing to maintain control upon your board, your surfboard can lose control and this can result in you damaging both your board and potentially the board of anybody closest to you. Though it can be difficult managing to keep a handle on your board for the first time, it is absolutely crucial to ensure that you manage to keep a grip on your board at all times. Should you fail to handle your board properly, make sure you apologise to those affected by the mistake and compensate the other surfer for any damage done to the surfboard.  

By following these simple rules it is easy to see why surfing etiquette is so important as it allows for all on the beach to surf within a peaceful and pleasant environment. With surfing etiquette, we can all ensure that our beaches and all surfers are respected and happy. So, with all this crucial information under your belt, you’re ready to go so hop on your gorgeous, custom made board and start surfing!

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