How To: Remove Wax from the Surfboard

Surfboard wax is a way for surfers to avoid slipping off the board when riding a wave. Generally speaking it is important to remove the wax after each surfing session. Old wax can get the surfboard dirty and affect the performance of surfers if it loses its stickiness. Whether you are too lazy or are unsure it is important to remove the wax after each session to keep the surfboard from losing shelf-life.


On a hot sunny day typically you can leave the board out in the sun and the wax will naturally soften up and be ready to be removed. However what do you do when the climate is not right for that method? Here is the scoop on how to properly remove the wax from a surfboard when the sun can't do the job.

Personally, I recommend the old jug of boiling water trick. Boil a jug and pour the hot water on the waxed areas of your board. This will soften the wax and allow you to scrape the wax off easily with a wax comb be sure to use the sharp corner of the comb for the thicker levels of wax. Wax combs are widely available in your local shop and are very cheap.

Another common technique is the use of a hairdryer to melt the wax and scrape it off with a comb, or buying wax remover from a surf store to do the dirty work. Just remember, it’s probably best to remove wax from the surfboard outside because it can get messy.

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