How to Hit Homeruns in Baseball

How to Hit Homeruns in Baseball

Hitting a homerun in baseball is the dream of every baseball player, with the holy grail of every batter being to hit what you’d call the four-bagger or multiple homeruns in baseball. Hitting a home run allows the batter to circle all the bases and reach home, free from fouls from the defensive team. Knowing how to hit Homeruns in baseball ensures a team’s victory and is crucial to every softball’s or baseball’s team’s offense. Hitting a homerun in baseball is no piece of cake. The secret to hitting homeruns is a great swing, combined with the following points to increase your chances of circling all bases in a run.

hit a home run in baseball


Preparing for a good swing

Strengthen the arms and forearms: Exercising your arms and forearms consistently is crucial if you ever want to hit the ball ‘out the field’. Powerful arms and forearms give you a better control of the bat. An excellent way is to practice with heavy bats. Make swinging an everyday practice till your arms get used to the weight. That will strengthen your arms and improve your swing at the same time. Although knowing homerun swing mechanics is essential, chances of hitting homeruns consistently is abetted by strength.

Get a good bat: Although there are criteria for choosing a good bat, the most important is comfort. Swinging must feel natural and not forced. A good bat shouldn’t be heavy nor affect your stance in anyway.

Work on your stance: The weight behind your swing, and ultimately a homerun in baseball lies on your body posture. Hold the bat firmly close to the base of the grip. Let your dominant hand be on top. You also need to adjust your weight and legs appropriately. Keep your shoulders square and eyes focused on the baseball.

Called quality separation, a good posture is achieved when your rhythm gets the needed comfort that guarantees maximum torque and ultimately a good swing.

hitting homeruns in baseball

Relax. Often a point skipped, understanding the importance of relaxation when making a swing ensures an effective swing. Relax your body, especially your hands. Frigidity causes you to swing with your big muscles, making your hit harder and that affects your average baseball bat swing speed. Getting the baseball to go farther requires good bat speed and that’s almost impossible if you’re all tensed up.


Hitting homeruns in baseball

Focus on hitting right than hitting the homerun: Most professional baseball players will agree that homeruns are serendipitous. Your focus shouldn’t be to hit homerun, rather, practice to get a good hit.

Backspin: Backspin on the baseball to aid the ball’s flight. A good backspin makes the ball stay longer in the air and increases its distance. Making this swing is the primary element of hitting homeruns in baseball. Backspin is made when the bat hits the baseball just a little below the epicenter of the baseball. You will achieve this when you swing downwards towards the pathway of the ball. Another way to make a backspin is to hit the lower two-thirds of the baseball.  

Knowing how to hit a homerun like a pro in baseball is certainly not an easy feat, however, with constant practice, you can finally become your team’s superstar.

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