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Yoga 101 - Which Yoga Mats Are Recyclable?

Many people who practice yoga like to use mats that are recyclable. This helps to give back to the environment and allows people to stay eco-friendly in their day to day product usage. Many yoga mats are recyclable, we'll go over which types are and aren't.

Best Yoga Mats That Are Recyclable

Here are some of the best materials that you can use that are recyclable:
  1. Jade Yoga Mats - Jade yoga mats are some of the most common mats that people buy when wanting to use a recyclable yoga mat. These mats are made completely with natural rubber. This rubber has been recycled and can be recycled again. Due to the mat being made from rubber, these mats are incredible with grip and are comfortable to use.
  2. Jute Yoga Mats - Jute mats, as the name suggests, are named due to the material in the mat that stems from the jute plant. These plants give off material that is fully recyclable. A main material in these is referred to as PER, which is recyclable, nontoxic, and has many sweat-resistant properties for those of you that make your yoga mats smell.  jute yoga mat
  3. Eco Yoga Mats - Eco yoga mats are very similar to both the jade and jute yoga mats in the fact that they're made from both natural rubbers and fibers from the jute plant. These mats also get the benefits from both of the above mats, with incredible grip properties and fully recyclable materials.
  4. Closed Cell Mats - Closed cell mats are typically eco-friendly and are made from tree-rubber that's naturally occurring in the environment. Closed cell basically means that sweat and bacteria which makes your mat become smelly can't soak into the mat. This is, once again, a very good mat for people that sweat a lot when working out.

Materials to Avoid to Stay Eco-Friendly

There are certain materials that you should stay away from if you want to be eco-friendly and use a recyclable yoga mat. Here are some of the types to stay away from:
  • PVC - PVC is a material that's engineered. This means that it can't be recycled. PVC is a subset of plastic and is one of the main types of materials used in many yoga mats.
  • Foam - Foam is another type of material that's put in the middle of yoga mats. This is to make the mats more comfortable. However, foam is not recyclable and should be avoided if you want to stay eco-friendly.
  • Cotton - Many types of cotton are natural or able to be recycled. However, there are many types of cotton that are treated with synthetic finishes. This stops the cotton from being recyclable.
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