5 Reasons Why Skateboarding Is Good For You!

5 Reasons Why Skateboarding Is Good For You

Skateboarding is not just a sport. It has a massive subculture behind it, that blends sport, lifestyle, and art into one coherent whole. It has captured the hearts of dozens of millions of people who value all the benefits that come hand in hand with the sport. Most of the lessons you learn from skateboarding apply to our daily lives. In this post, we will show you five reasons why skateboarding is good for you.

Here is the list of benefits of skateboarding:

  1. Teaches you persistence
  2. Skateboarding is a great stress reliever
  3. Makes you accustomed to pain
  4. Builds your overall fitness level
  5. Encourages creative freedom

Teaches You Persistence

Skateboarding teaches you persistence.


This is more of a mental benefit than a physical one, but it is nevertheless one of the charms of skateboarding. To land that first ollie cleanly (or any other trick) you will need to align different motions at the same time flawlessly. You will fail, over and over again. But persevere over the failure, adjust your motion and timing, and you will finally land your first ollie!

The lesson about persistence took from landing the first ollie can be applied to everyday problems. Skateboarding is a nice teacher on that perspective, for sure.

Skateboarding Is A Great Stress Reliever

Skateboarding Is A Great Stress Reliever!


Basically, every exercise can be labeled as a stress reliever, so skateboarding is obviously going to come with this benefit. Similar to running, when you are constantly on the move on your skateboard, this helps with taking your mind off some stressful things. At the same time, you will be more aware of your surroundings.

During a skateboard ride, you can take focus on the things that really matter, and try to apply that to your perspective on everyday life. 

Makes You Accustomed To Pain

Skateboarding makes you accustomed with pain.


While this may sound morbid, it is a reality of skateboarding. You will fall constantly. As a beginner, you cannot run from that. If you are truly getting into skateboarding, you will need some protective gear, but even that won’t fully protect you from scars and bruises that are going to appear after numerous fails to land that clean kickflip.

After falling for so many times, you will get accustomed to the pain that comes along with it. You will be able to transform the fear of the pain into energy that will keep you going forward, to improve your skateboarding skills.

Builds Your Overall Fitness Level

Skateboarding builds your overall fitness level!


When you skate, you will constantly move. This is great for burning calories but also for the rest of your body. While you try to land numerous tricks and kick the ground to accelerate, you are getting a full-body workout in the process. 

Calculating how many calories you burn is pretty hard, as some people skate harder than others. Nevertheless, you can at least burn 150 to 500 calories per hour on average.

When you skate for a while, it will definitely wear you out, which will result in building up your overall fitness.

Encourages Creative Freedom

Skateboarding encourages creative freedom.


You are probably aware of the enormous art subculture that forms around skateboarding. Well, skateboarding is renowned for the lack of rules, and absolute freedom it provides to its practitioners. You can come up with a brand-new trick of your own, and name it whether you wish. 

There are numerous ways to showcase your skills by creating videos or even films, as well as showing your artistic side. It’s no wonder that many skaters these days are free spirits, as skateboarding honestly induces just that.


Well, these were some of the main reasons why skateboarding is good for you. Did you know that we can design a custom skateboard for you, free of charge?

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