Why Did Tesla Make a Surfboard?

Why Did Tesla Make a Surfboard?

There is no doubt that Elon Musk is a genius. Always trying to innovate, from his electric cars to space program, he sure is an ambitious man. It was even more surprising when his electric car company, Tesla, announced that they will sell a surfboard worth $1500. So, why did Tesla make a surfboard?


Well, Tesla already has diverse merchandise in its stock, from hats and shirts to kid-sized cars. Tesla surfboard also joined this diverse set of merchandise. Most of these surfboards are now sold out, even though you can find some on eBay now.


Let's find out more about the Tesla surfboard and why did Tesla make an actual surfboard!


Tesla Surfboard Specifications

  What are the Tesla surfboard specifications?  

Tesla released its branded surfboard in the summer of 2018. It is designed by the in-house design studio that collaborated with Lost Surfboards and Matt 'Mayhem' Biolos.


Also, this surfboard from Tesla shares a finish with its electric cars. It features a top that is reinforced with carbon fiber. Because of its design features, the Tesla surfboard is perfectly compatible with Model S, Model X, and Model 3 Tesla electric cars. Of course, you can see the Tesla company logo on the top and bottom of the surfboard.


Sadly, only 200 of these were manufactured, and you can't even buy them for an original price tag anymore. If you are by any means looking for one, you can probably find a few on eBay, where you can expect to pay anywhere between $2000 and $5000. Bit much? We agree.


Why Did Tesla Make An Actual Surfboard?

  Tesla production plant in Fremont.  

Now that you know about the features of this surfboard, you are probably thinking: why? Well, Elon Musk doesn't do something for no reason. So, there is a legitimate reason behind the launch of the Tesla surfboard. Let's get some context about the situation of Tesla in 2018 first.


When Elon Musk announces even the most irrational thing, the whole public goes nuts. That was the case with the Boring Company and their 'Not a Flamethrower' flamethrower. For such an irregular product, coming from a guy who made electric cars mainstream, it generated a lot of heat in both the media and on the Internet. This model worked with the Boring Company pretty well, especially to generating much-needed publicity.


Here is how the infamous flamethrower looks like!

  The Tesla Flamethrower itself.  

Throughout 2018, Tesla faced a lot of criticism and negative press. Even though their production reached new highs, the company couldn't escape the criticism for their Fremont production plant.


Lots of marketing analysts claim that launching Tesla surfboards was a pure marketing tool. It was a device to boost the brand recognition of Tesla and a way to take the focus away from the production problems at their main production plant. These branded surfboards definitely got more people to talk about Tesla, therefore transferring the focus from the 'production hell' problems at the Fremont plant.


Of course, collectors were delighted to see the launch of these surfboards, mostly for their limited and premium status. After all, just 200 of these were manufactured. So, these surfboards weren't geared primarily to the surfing enthusiasts who want to hit the waves. This marketing tool was a success but was just a temporary distraction.


Weird Merchandise Ideas from Reputable Car Companies


Car manufacturers are much different than before. They make new products that aren't necessarily cars, to make brand recognition much easier. It's all in the marketing these days.


Here are some of the weirdest merchandise ideas from car manufacturers:


AudiOpoly Board Game - costs 70$

  Audiopoly Borad Game  

Bentley Majestic Cashmere Fragrance - costs 225$

  Bentley Majestic Cashmere Fragrance  

Dodge Challenger Remote Control Car - costs 700$

  Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Remote Control Car  

Closing Words


So, next time when you are confused about why Elon Musk actually made a branded surfboard, think of the context of that time. He has already used similar marketing tactics to raise the heat about his 'Boring Company', and this was objectively a great play from his side.


Anyway, if you want to design a surfboard with your brand on it, we can design it for you with no charge. Just contact us and we will think of something!


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