What is Kundalini Yoga?

What is Kundalini Yoga?

What is Kundalini yoga, you may ask? This is one of the many yoga styles available to practitioners around the world. It is called the Yoga of Awareness. It was taught by Yogi Bhajan, who is undoubtedly the main reason why this style was actually introduced to the rest of the world.


The goal of this yoga style is to attain true balance. Its focus is on the spiritual part of each practitioner.


Here are some benefits of the Kundalini Yoga practice in the table below!


Let us find out more about this particular yoga style and what benefits can you gain from practicing it!


What is Kundalini Yoga Exactly?

  Kundalini aims to awaken our consciousness.  

There are over a dozen different variations of yoga, both in philosophy and style. Some yoga variations put emphasis on a physical workout, like Bikram. Others, like Jivamukti, focus on the meditation practice. Kundalini yoga style takes a bit of both variations into the mix. It adds extra emphasis to the consciousness of the practitioner. The goal of this yoga style is to activate the energy centers over the whole body.


What is the primary aim Kundalini yoga? This yoga practice aims to awaken the potential of human awareness in every individual. That encompasses recognizing our awareness, refining it, and expanding it to our self. The goal of Kundalini yoga is rooted in self-improvement. Individuals practicing it aim to clear the inner duality. They want to create the power of deep listening. This power cultivates the inner tranquility. It helps us learn to be excellent in everything that we do.


Kundalini yoga can also be a great physical workout. Most practitioners who often wear white turbans practice each kriya in the quiet. That makes the Kundalini practice very peculiar indeed, as the gym feels more like a temple. Like to spice up the physical exercise with a spiritual twist? Kundalini yoga is absolutely for you then!


The Components of Kundalini Yoga

  Here are some components of the Kundalini practice.  

This yoga practice deals with the transformation and extension of our consciousness. It also deals with the awakening of Kundalini energy. This energy at the bottom of the spine. By awakening this energy, we are transferring it through the energy centers that chakras. Chakras are activated and balanced with mixing the cosmic energy (Prana) and eliminating energy (Apana). This mix of energy generates pressure, which in turn forces the Kundalini to rise.


You can accomplish this by utilizing:

  • Breathing exercises (Pranayama)
  • Body locks (Bhanda)
  • Exercise sets (Kriya)
  • Postures (Asana)
  • Gestures (Mudra)
  • Sacred sounds (Mantra)

So, Kundalini yoga is an ideal combination of breath, sound, and postures. Furthermore, this combination arouses and channels the Kundalini energy. Postures for this yoga style combine Pranayamas with postures. The main focus is on the navel, spine, and any other energy centers.


Some usual Kundalini yoga exercises are:

  • Breath of fire + Backbend
  • Deep one nostril breathing
  • Alternate nostril breathing
  • Shoulder stand
  • Seated meditation + Mantra chanting

Other techniques, like focused attention, projection, and visualization are also utilized. They help with attaining specific effects of Kundalini yoga. Through its practice, individuals have a possibility to unite their consciousness with cosmic consciousness. That is done by performing the meditations and exercises in defined sequences carefully.


Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

  Kundalini offers numerous awesome benefits!  

Kundalini practice has the power to channel powerful energy. That energy can also legitimately transform your life. It will dive in deep beyond the limits of space and time - deep into your soul and your true identity. As well as every yoga style, Kundalini yoga provides many physical and spiritual benefits.


Here are some of the benefits that Kundalini yoga provides for its practitioners:

  • Awakens Our Inner Creativity. When you implement the alternate nostril breathing technique, you will bring balance into both brain hemispheres. Most of us analyze and act more frequently than visualize and feel. Because of that, we use the right side of the brain less often. With the Kundalini practice, you will awake your inner creativity. You will release worries about the little, unmeaningful things. This practice opens you up to infinite possibilities that life offers to us all.
  • Enhances Your Nervous System.This yoga practice can improve your nervous system greatly. You can reinforce your nervous system with some of the essential Kundalini poses. The poses in question are Downard Dog and Plank. This is a huge benefit for you. With a strong nervous system, you will be able to act in a more cool and collected manner in the face of hard and unpleasant situations
  • Clears the Fog in Your Mind.Kundalini practice helps clear the gloom of the mind. When your mind becomes veiled with lots of thoughts, it feels like a web of thoughts that are very difficult to untangle. With the help of the few minutes of the rapid breath of fire technique, your mind will become crystal clear. You will feel more alert, and be able to concentrate and focus more easily. Also, you will have better memory and capabilities for better decision-making.

Closing Words


These were just some of the benefits Kundalini yoga practice offers. Lots of practitioners say that you won't be the same after starting with the Kundalini practice. So, now that you know what is Kundalini yoga, are you ready to reap its benefits?


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