What is Hot Yoga?

What is Hot Yoga?

If you are already acquainted with yoga, you probably know just how many different yoga styles are around. Some of them specialize in improving your strength and endurance, enhancing your flexibility and more. Also, most yoga styles offer awesome mental and spiritual benefits for those willing to dive in more deeply into this practice. So, what is hot yoga and what makes it distinctive from other yoga styles?


When we talk about hot yoga, the defining part of it is the heat, hence the name. This style is practiced exclusively in rooms heated to 105 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius). Of course, this yoga style is not for everyone, especially for those with heart problems. If you are willing to take this yoga style a go, you will reap numerous benefits, both for your body and mind.


Let's find out more about what is hot yoga actually, what hot yoga styles exist, and what benefits can you gain from this awesome practice!


Hot Yoga Styles

  Bikram yoga is a fundamental hot yoga style.   Here are the hot yoga styles that you can practice:  

The most popular hot yoga style is undoubtedly the Bikram yoga. This yoga style was founded in the 1970s by Bikram Choudhury. It follows Hatha, a traditional yoga branch combining postures and breathing techniques. Bikram style is regarded as the original hot yoga style. Also, it is a very structured style. Its classes are 90 minutes long and utilize 26 poses. One of the requirements for the Bikram yoga style is to set the temperature of the room between 95 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit (35 - 38 degrees Celsius). Also, humidity should be set to 40 percent for the best results.


Other styles of yoga are less structured and vary in humidity and room temperature levels. Other hot yoga styles include:


Moksha/Modo Yoga


A yoga style that includes similar poses and room conditions as the Bikram style. Nevertheless, it puts emphasis on being conscious of your environment. Poses may vary regarding of teacher, even if the sequence is virtually the same for every class. Its classes are 90 minutes long and utilize 45 poses. Moksha/Modo hot yoga follow the philosophy of seven pillars: health, accessibility, green living, community support, reaching out, lifelong learning, and being at peace.


Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga


A yoga style that blends various styles, such as Ashtanga, Bikram, Iyengar, and others. Room temperature is set to 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius). Baptiste Power Vinyasa yoga follows the philosophy of five pillars: breath, heat, flow, gaze, and core stabilization.


Hot Power Yoga


A yoga style that covers an expanded scope of styles and structures. It includes Vinyasa flow yoga and is practiced in room temperatures between 85 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit (29 - 38 degrees Celsius). Although suitable for all shapes and sizes, this yoga style provides an intense, yet accessible practice. It sculpts your body, increases your strength and flexibility, and calms your mind.


Hot Yin Yoga 


A yoga style that draws inspiration from the Hatha branch. It combines hot yoga and yin yoga styles. Yin yoga is a meditative yoga style that includes fewer postures (10 to 15 postures) that are held for three to five minutes. This type of yoga is especially useful for releasing deep body tissues, bones, joints and ligaments. Also, it helps you center your mind, relieve stress and anxiety, balance emotions and build stamina.


Hot Yoga Benefits

  Hot yoga has numerous benefits for its practitioners.   The main benefits you can get from practicing this yoga style are specified in the table below:  

Many hot yoga practitioners vouch for its many benefits. The most obvious benefit is the detoxification of your body. As you practice this yoga style in a heated room, you will sweat a lot. The heavy sweat is ideal for flushing out toxins out of your body. With sweating, you will also have fewer difficulties with maintaining and changing poses, as your muscles are warming up.


Practicing hot yoga is also great for your heart rate. Heated room conditions can induce a great cardiovascular workout, which will do wonders for your general well-being. So, this style is definitely recommended for people looking for a more intensive workout. It also develops your strength, flexibility, and tones your muscles.


Your body will relax with much more ease inside heated room conditions. These conditions also help with improving your breathing, which can come in handy if you have asthma or any other breath related difficulties. Another thing to keep in mind when practicing in the heated room is the benefit that this practice has on your immune system. Yes, doing exercise in a hot environment helps with increasing your immune system and improves the regenerative capabilities of your body.


Of course, we mustn't rule out the mental benefits of this yoga style. As every other yoga style, hot yoga will help increase your focus and concentration. This is an awesome benefit that you can implement in everyday situations!

  But, there are also some disadvantages to this yoga style that you have to keep in mind:  

Closing Words


We hope that by now you know what is hot yoga and what styles you can practice! It is a great yoga style for those who want a nice cardio workout for enhancing your general well-being. Try and experiment with various combinations, and remember to have fun!


If you choose to practice hot yoga, we can help you with designing yoga equipment, such as yoga matsyoga straps and more! Have any other questions or concerns about hot yoga? Feel free to reach us out through email or live chat.


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