What Are The Different Types Of Skateboard?

Skateboarding is a robust, extreme sport. As there are different skateboarders, there are also different types of skateboard fit for different scenarios. Some are specially designed for treading long distances, while some are just perfect for performing tricks. In this post, we will show you what are the different types of skateboard and which type is fit for your style.

If you are in a hurry, here is a list of different types of skateboard:

  1. Longboard Skateboard
  2. Cruiser Skateboard
  3. Mini Cruiser Skateboard
  4. Carve Skateboard
  5. Double Kick Skateboard


Longboard Skateboard

Longboard Skateboard


Longboards are distinguished by the fact that they are at least 33 inches long. They are usually used as a mode of transport and for cruising around the urban areas. Also, beginners will enjoy using them to learn to maneuver and maintain stability on the board. As they feature larger wheels, they tend to go fast and are great for big turns. 


With all that in mind, longboards are not the best for tricks and flips due to their size. Also, their portability falters due to their large size.


The most popular size for longboards varies between 28 and 32 inches. If you are a beginner, the ideal size will be between 32 and 42 inches, so that you can learn to balance better.


Cruiser Skateboard

Cruiser Skateboard


Cruisers are similar to longboards in a way, as they are a great choice to get you from one point to another, but are also more portable than longboards, thanks to the smaller size. Because of their smaller size, it is even easier to make sharp turns. They offer a smooth ride but are not so beginner-friendly like longboards, as they are more unstable. 


Also, they are not the best for tricks due to its shape resembling a shorter longboard. With all that said, cruiser skateboards are an excellent upgrade for beginners who want to change from a longboard.


If you want an optimal skating experience on the cruiser board, the best size would be between 32 and 42 inches.


Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Mini Cruiser Skateboard


If you want to get an ideal skateboard for a young beginner, the mini cruiser is a way to go. They are basically the same as cruiser skateboards, albeit they are smaller in size. Also, there are mini cruiser boards made of wood and plastic. With a smaller size, there is increased portability as a huge advantage here. 


They are also fit for tricks and flips due to the smaller size, which is an excellent combination for beginners. Essentially, you can cruise around, learn to stabilize on the board and learn some basic tricks, like an ollie - a perfect combination for beginners. 


The most popular size of mini cruiser boards for newbies and professionals alike is 27,5 inches in length and 8 inches in width. This size gives you plenty of legroom, but also makes sure that you can carry it in your backpack with relative ease.


Carve Skateboard

Carve Skateboard


This type of skateboard is quite popular with surfers, as the deck resembles a smaller surfboard. The carve skateboard also behaves like a surfboard, allowing skateboarders to generate the speed of their wish. That can be done by pumping the board forwards and backward like you would surf the waves. 


This maneuverability is made possible thanks to front trucks that are tiltable and the wheels that allow you to change directions more than the standard skateboard. They are not the best boards for beginners as you will need to learn how to maintain balance on the board beforehand. 


The carve skateboards are a great substitute for longboards if you want to cruise around your neighborhood, with an added portability factor.


If you are looking for an ideally sized carve skateboard, the golden standard is between 29 and 33 inches of length, which makes them suitable for all-round use.


Double Kick Skateboard

Double Kick Skateboard


If you prefer your skateboard for doing tricks, there is no better choice than a double kick skateboard. They feature kick tails, which is basically the essential innovation in skateboarding, allowing skaters to perform various flip tricks. These boards are also made with grinding tricks in mind, which will enable you to ramp up your street skating and skate park experience. 


Mind you, these are not that great for transportation on long distances, but if you are learning tricks, go for double kick skateboards.


The standard size of a double kick skateboard that will be suitable for every skill level is 31 inches in length and 8 inches in width.




Now that you know what are the different types of skateboard, we want to let you know that we can design custom double kick skateboards, mini cruiser skateboards, and longboards free of charge.


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