What Are Gravel Bikes Good For?

What Are Gravel Bikes Good For?

Gravel bikes enjoy a little explosion of popularity in recent times. In 2020, bicycles are getting more relevant than ever, as people turn to the outdoors in the wake of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. So, why did gravel bikes suddenly get so popular? Well, the answer lies in their inherent design, with the focus on being able to ride on all roads. In this post, we will explain what are gravel bikes good for, and why should you opt to get one.

If you are in a rush, here is a list of reasons why gravel bikes are awesome:

  • 1. Gravel bikes have unprecedented versatility.
  • 2. You can put different types of tires on gravel bikes.
  • 3. Gravel bikes have balanced frame geometry.
  • 4. You can further customize gravel bikes to resemble other bike types.

  • Gravel Bikes Have Unprecedented Versatility

    Gravel Bikes Have Unprecedented Versatility


    Out of all types of bicycles currently on the market, the gravel bikes are the most versatile. You can practically ride them on any kind of road except the most hardcore and technical mountain bike trails.

    Even if you cycle on unforgiving mountain bike trails, you can easily change a tire type and be surprised at the capabilities of the gravel bikes. 

    What about cycling on the roads? Gravel bikes can be fast enough, not like the specialized road bike, but for someone who doesn’t do road bike races, it will be more than enough.

    Also, gravel bikes are a great substitute for touring bikes, as their design features plenty of mounts for all your luggage that you want to bring on your touring adventure.

    Of course, gravel bikes are best on gravel roads, hence their name. But, we cannot ignore how good they perform on different types of roads and terrains.

    You Can Put Different Types Of Tires On Gravel Bikes

    You Can Put Different Types Of Tires On Gravel Bikes


    Without too much hassle, you can put a whole bunch of different sizes of tires on a gravel bike. This contributes to the superior versatility of gravel bikes. Why is this such a good thing for cyclists? Well, with different sets of wheels and tires, you won’t need to invest much more money in an additional, specialized bike. 

    For example, you can put a 47mm tire on a 700c wheel to transform your gravel bike in a mountain bike. Or, you can put a 30mm tire if you want to ride faster on the main roads. The setup possibilities that gravel bikes offer are just amazing.

    Gravel Bikes Have Balanced Frame Geometry

    Gravel Bikes Have Balanced Frame Geometry


    When it comes to the frame geometry of a gravel bike, it strikes a nice balance between the forgiveness of the road bike and the aggression of the mountain bike’s aggression. This essentially means that you will feel comfortable on the roads, gravel roads, and dusty mountain trails.

    You Can Further Customize Gravel Bikes To Resemble Other Bike Types

    You Can Further Customize Gravel Bikes To Resemble Other Bike Types


    Actually, there are just a few upgrades that you can do to specialize your gravel bike. 

    For example, if you want to specialize your gravel bike as a road bike, you can simply snatch longer, negative rise stems and tighter bars. This will turn your gravel bike in a more aerodynamic bike for the road.

    On the other hand, if you are venturing on a longer, off-road tour, you can attach a shorter stem. This will make you less stretched out and more comfortable when cycling on the off-road trail.

    More On The Geometry Of Gravel Bikes

    More On The Geometry Of Gravel Bikes


    The geometry of the gravel bikes focuses on maximum stability and comfort. For better stability on the varied roads and longer distances, a long wheelbase is utilized. The rider will be in an upright, comfortable position, thanks to the tall head tube and short top tube. 

    Gravel bikes feature larger tires that go well over 35mm, even to 50mm. That results in better comfort and stability on the road. The wheelsets accompanying gravel bikes are 700c and 650b.

    To accommodate such large wheels and tires, the gravel bike frame features a larger ground clearance. Also, disc brakes are used instead of rim-brake calipers to increase the said clearance further. Also, they will offer better overall performance during wet weather conditions.

    How Do Gravel Bikes Compare To Other Popular Bike Types?

    Check out the comparison chart below to get a full outlook on how gravel bikes compare to other popular bike types:

    Bike Type

    Ideal Road Type

    Tire Width (mm)



    Gravel Bike

    Variety of surfaces

    35, 40, 42, 45

    • Quick
    • Comfortable
    • Practical
    • Usually heavy

    Mountain Bike

    Off-road trails

    41 to 66

    • Awesome brakes
    • Tough and versatile
    • Upright position
    • Usually heavy
    • Slow on surfaced roads

    Road Bike

    Surfaced road

    23 to 28

    • Quick and efficient
    • Lightweight
    • Prone to damage
    • Not comfortable for casual riders


    Now that you know what are gravel bikes good for, here is a selection of bicycle types that we can design for you free of charge:

  • Design A Custom Beach Cruiser
  • Design A Custom Fixie Bike
  • Design A Custom Ladies Bike
  • Design A Custom BMX Bike

  • Any more questions about gravel bikes or bikes in general? You can reach us out via email or live chat.

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