Types of Yoga Mats to Buy Online

With the internet now becoming the primary marketplace in the world, shopping for things online is something that we all do now. Shopping for Yoga mats online can be a challenge especially for most people. Especially those who don’t know the types of mats available. Having a yoga mat for yourself though is very important. It allows you to perform your routine yoga activities anywhere you are. Let us, however, have a look at the different types of yoga mats that you can purchase online.

Plastic Elastomer Yoga Mats

With the increased popularity of yoga over the years, yoga mats have also undergone some development as they are now made with different materials. The plastic elastomer yoga mats are excellent due to their properties. They are known to be environmentally friendly and healthy to use. This is because the material doesn’t contain toxic materials such as PVC or latex. For those that are on a budget but still want a yoga mat, then this is perfect for you. They have lots of benefits, primary amongst them being their slip-resistance property. When they get dirty, they can be cleaned with relative ease as they absorb neither water nor moisture. Its enhanced features have made it one of the best yoga mats currently available on the market. For those with sensitive health issues, this type of yoga mats is highly recommended.

Cotton and Hemp Yoga Mats

If you are someone who always wants natural, then this class of yoga mats is right for you. Their soft texture has made them perfect for yoga as they provide sensational cushioning effects. They absorb sweat easily, making them perfect for those who are seasoned yoga practitioners. This class of yoga mats can be cleaned easily by washing after use. They don’t last long though due to the cotton that is prone to wear and tear. They are currently considered as one of the best in terms of hygiene. Hemp mats are similar to the cotton mats but they have a longer lifespan. This is due to the fact that they are made with weaved hemp yarns. Their durability comes from hemp, which is also elastic and has very good tensile strength. Hemp yoga mats are also rated above cotton yoga mats in terms of warmth and water absorption capacity.

Basic Sticky Yoga Mats

These are the yoga mats you and I are used to. Their texture is sticky, allowing the users to hold their posture for a longer period of time and not slipping. They are very common because they are used conveniently at home. This class of yoga mats comes in different thickness measurement, with the 1/8 preferred due to its advanced cushioning effect on the body while you are practicing. They are considered as perfect for beginners because they are cheaper than the rest.

Travel Yoga Mat

If you are always on the road and find it hard to practice yoga, then this class of yoga mats is meant for you. The travel yoga mats are designed to ensure that they will be convenient for you on the road and make it easy for you to exercise in a hotel or motel room while you are on the move. One of their most important features is that they are non-slip, making then perfect for users to perform yoga poses. They can be folded and rolled up very easily, storing them in your luggage won’t be a problem. They are however used for only traveling and they aren’t designed for daily use due to the thinness of their materials.

Natural Rubber Yoga Mats

They are considered to be the first or the second class of yoga mats that were introduced to the market. This class of Yoga mats have been tried and tested by many before, thus the reason why they are very much preferred. They are made using materials from natural rubber, making them non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Their production materials are biodegradable and recyclable. Their non-slip nature makes this class of yoga mats perfect for sessions that are rather strenuous. The natural materials it is made from gives this class of yoga mats excellent cushioning and durability. If you are an eco-friendly yoga enthusiast, then this type of yoga mats is perfect for you.

Jute Mats

With the world moving towards products from plants, the yoga industry hasn’t been left behind. If you are in favor of greener products, then jute mats are exactly what you need. This class of yoga mats is considered to be one of the most eco-friendly by analysts and reviewers. This is due to the fact that they are made from natural materials. They are made using Jute fiber, which is mostly found in South East Asia and is a biodegradable material. Jute mats are considered to be perfect because they can be used for every yoga activity due to their natural quality and properties.   There is a wide variety of yoga mats to choose from these types and e-commerce sites have them. Before you go online to purchase one though, it is better you know the type you prefer and the best and most affordable ones in that category. Always keep in mind though that the efficiency and durability of the material are very important.
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