20 Creative ideas to recycle yoga mats

20 Creative Ways to Recycle Yoga Mats

Since yoga mats are mainly made from PVC-materials or rubber, it's inevitable those are going to wear off after a certain period. Serious yogis change their yoga mats every 6 - 12 month, and if you're one of them, you've probably thought about creative ways to reuse or recycle yoga mats.


Recycling your old yoga mats is slowly becoming a trend in the western world, but what can you do if there is no one who'd like to recycle yoga mats? Don't worry as there are more than a hundred of ways how to reuse your old yoga mat.


How and Where to Recycle Yoga Mats?

  Where you can recycle old yoga mats?    

Recycling means reusing and if we use that term then we open a whole new level of possibilities for your old yoga mat. First of all, it's important that you realize when is the time to replace your old yoga mat. Once you've figured out it's a time to get a new yoga mat, the new question arises - where to recycle yoga mats?


Well, there are a few available options for recycling your old yoga mats:

  • donate your old yoga mat to a local yoga studio
  • visit a homeless shelter and donate your yoga mat that can be used as a bed
  • check out if the company you've bought your yoga mat has a recycling program/give your old yoga mat and receive a new one
  • check out with a local recycling facility if they accept PVC or similar materials for recycling (they usually accept PVC materials, but sometimes will decline yoga mats)
  • do the research to find out is there any company producing goods from used yoga mats

As you can see, there are quite a few options when it comes to recycling your old yoga mats. Instead of just throwing your old yoga mat, you can really make an impact in your local community.


In case, you're living in a part of the world where the options are scarce, you may consider being creative and reuse your old yoga mats.


Here are interesting ways you can reuse your old yoga mats.


Creative Ways to Reuse Your Old Yoga Mats


#1 Use Your Yoga Mat for Outdoor Activities

  outdoor activities  

Since yoga mats have padding, it's an ideal material to use it outdoors for so many different purposes. Probably you're instantly getting many ideas now, but here are a few practical ideas that will make your life much easier:

  • place your old yoga mat beneath your towel and have that extra padding for comfort while relaxing on the beach or having a picnic with your friends
  • use it for an outdoor yoga practice in nature
  • make a cushion by folding the mat while working around the house or in the garden
  • you can customize your yoga mat and design beautiful doormats with amazing colors and warm text
  • cover your car trunk/back seat
  • place your mat beneath flower pots
  • put it in a hammock to have that extra padding while relaxing outdoors
  • create a colorful and comfortable playground for your kids

There are countless ways how to reuse your yoga mat. Use your creativity and make great use of your old yoga mat.


#2 Indoor Usage of Your Old Yoga Mat

  Use your yoga mat indoors  

Now you have some interesting ideas for outdoor usage of your old yoga mats, let's check out some creative ways to use yoga mats indoors:

  • use your old yoga mat as a cushion for your pets
  • put it beneath pet's food
  • put it beneath flower pots so the water doesn't affect your flooring
  • create colorful kid's room
  • cut the mat in a form of letters or numbers and teach your kids
  • use it in a bathroom as a rug
  • put that extra cushion on the stairs
  • use it in a kitchen as shelf liners
  • put it around valuable or fragile things to add extra protection

And the list goes on. Use your creativity and we're sure you're going to use your old yoga mat to make your life easier and more comfortable.


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