4 crucial things for winning printed yoga mats

How to Make Winning Printed Yoga Mats With Your Logo

Are you a business owner who's looking to promote your yoga business among passionate yogis? You've tried countless ways of promoting your business, and got some results, but did you think about making your own printed yoga mats?   Making your printed yoga mats with your logo or business slogan can be a powerful way to attract more targeted customers to your business. Nowadays, many companies, from small to big, are creating personalized yoga mats and report tremendous results.   Keep reading as we're going to talk about the things you should know about printed yoga mats.  

#1 Digital or Screen Printed Yoga Mats

  Pick the right type to print your custom yoga mats   Probably the most important thing when it comes to printed yoga mats is the way of putting the graphic on the mat. The most common ways are screen printing and digital printing.   Screen printing is the most usual way to put any graphic on a yoga mat since it's fast and very affordable. For effective screen printing, you only need a desired graphics you'd like to put on the mat. Once you have a yoga mat and a graphic, you're ready to transfer that graphic to a yoga mat. Screen printing is the method that uses high temperature to transfer the graphic to the mat.   This is a very fast way to make a printed yoga mat, but you're limited since it's not suitable for making detailed visuals. If you're looking to put your logo or a small text on a yoga mat while saving money, then screen printing might be the perfect way for you.   For people who're looking to go into more details and produce beautiful and detailed yoga mats, digital printing is definitely a way to go. Using this method, you're able to directly print the desired graphic on a surface of a yoga mat using robust printers. This method is more expensive, but the end product is by far better and more vivid.   Choosing the proper printing method hugely depends on your goals. If you're looking to promote your brand or business, then screen printing might be the best way. However, if you're looking to establish your company as a producer of creative and vivid printed yoga mats, then you should seriously consider investing more money into digitally printed yoga mats.  

#2 Know Your Customers 

  Know your customers before creating your first batch of printed yoga mats   Before doing any business you should know every detail about your ideal customer. For instance, are your customers advanced yoga practitioners or beginners? What kind of yoga practice your customers prefer? Do they need extra motivation?   First, make clear who is your ideal customer and preferably, create a persona of your ideal customer. That way, you'll be able to come up with the winning yoga mat that suits the needs of your customers.   Also, knowing a preferred type of yoga your ideal customer is interested in is a crucial thing since you want to pick the right yoga mat for printing.   For example, if your customers are passionate travelers, then you should consider printing on 2mm yoga mats since these are thin, light and highly portable. On the other hand, if your customers combine between yoga practice and pilates, then printing on 12mm yoga mat would be ideal.   Knowing your customers will give you an edge while creating a winning printed yoga mat.  

#3 Go With Eco-Friendly Materials

  Eco friendly materials are way to go for your printed yoga mats   Nowadays, there are too many options when it comes to materials used in producing yoga mats. The most usual material is by far PVC or rubber. We advise you to go with materials that are recyclable and eco-friendly while avoiding cheap and synthetic materials.   Majority of yoga practitioners are deep into environmentalism, so having an eco-friendly base definitely won't hurt. Picking the right material can reduce the slipperiness of a yoga mat which makes the practice more enjoyable and easier.  

#4 Freedom to Design Printed Yoga Mats

  Design your own personalized yoga mat   Freedom to create your own design is a very good feature to offer to your customers since not everyone will like premade designs.   We have a visual design tool that enables you to make your own design. You can put the picture, text and change colors while seeing all of the changes live. If you're not satisfied with the design you've made, you can always ask for our professional designers who'll make a few samples for you (free of cost).   If you have any questions for making printed yoga mats, feel free to send us an email or talk with us on live chat.
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