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Perfect Soccer Coach Gifts

Sometimes, coming up with the best soccer coach gifts can be hard, especially when their birthdays or anniversary is just around the corner. Although your soccer coach may not really mind a packet of Haribo’s, that does not exactly make a statement you desire, does it? This post is meant to guide you and suggest the perfect present for your soccer coach. Selecting the best gift requires that you understand the coach’s thinking pattern, especially if you’re considering buying something related to coaching. Think of it this way. If you were the coach, what kind of present would you want? The simple answer to that would be something that makes your work easier and improves your coaching game, or something that improves the team and their playing experience. It is a good idea to sit with your trainer and chat with them about coaching and their goals. Chances are that they will have something, but if they do not, it is a sign that they do not want something coaching related.

Top soccer coach gifts ideas

Game Ball

The game ball can be printed with a custom picture of the team, team’s logo, and two lines of text showing how much impact the coach has had on the team.

Personalized Soccer Ball

This gift is perfect for your after-season recognition. It fits perfectly on the desk and can be personalized with your team colors.

Dry erase marker pen

This is an excellent add-on to the trainer’s clipboard. The pen writes in bold, smooth strokes that can be wiped off easily with a dry cloth or an eraser.

Soccer coach clipboard

The clipboard is an essential tool for the coach and makes an excellent gift. You can have the clipboard customized with the coach’s name.

Engraved whistle

This is also another perfect soccer coach gift. The coach’s name is engraved on the whistle and packed in a carrier.

Sports graphic recognition from the team

This does not have to contain a team photo. It can be personalized with team colors, team information, the signature of the team members, and a personal message to the coach. The graphics can be framed and hung up in the coach’s office.


A T-shirt or a polo-type shirt customized with the team’s name and probably the team’s records and achievements.

A trophy or glass vase

Coaches cherish trophies. Buy a trophy or glass vase and engrave it with the coach’s and team’s name. It has aesthetic values – beautification of the coach’s house or office.
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