oreo and disrupt sports

Oreo takes advantage of Disrupt Sports no MOQ through tasty incentive programme

Oreo have an amazing incentive programme in place for their US sales team. Employees have the opportunity to earn points on the sales they convert, save up these points, and turn them into awesome rewards. Oreo was able to offer a full range of sports equipment, and because Disrupt Sports have no minimum order quantities, they only ordered the rewards that had been claimed. A brilliant motivational scheme from the chocolate cookie heroes, and a way for them to give back to the people who drive their brand forward.

Throughout the Oreo incentive programme, Disrupt Sports will be supplying a  variety of high-quality custom sports equipment as the rewards. The sports equipment will be made and shipped on demand. The no MOQ has allowed Oreo to offer a full range of 21 pieces of quality equipment, including fixed gear bikes, skateboards, snowboards, skis, and yoga mats. Whilst appreciating that every member of staff is different, the programme has provided suitable products for each employee and has prevented Oreo from having Oreo to bulk order one item. As a result, Oreo reported an increase in fulfilment of 11% over a standard campaign, and receive continuing branding opportunities with high-quality equipment.

Using 3D visualisation technology and advanced manufacturing techniques, Disrupt Sports offers fully customised, designer quality, branded sports equipment, that complements the messaging and vision of the promotion.


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