Boxing 101: What's Inside a Custom Boxing Glove?

If you're interested in purchasing a custom boxing glove, then you should know a little bit about what goes inside them. You can choose from a lot of different things when choosing your very own custom boxing glove. Let's talk a little bit about the materials that go in them.

What Materials Are In Custom Boxing Gloves?

The material you get in your boxing gloves are important. This is a big deal to remember when searching. Here, you can see some custom boxing gloves made with top grain tanned leather. If you learn about how boxing gloves are made, then you'll understand better why you want material like this. Most boxing gloves are made with leather. However, not all boxing gloves are made this way. A large amount of gloves are currently made with vinyl. Vinyl is not the best material to have, since it wears easily. In professional fights, they only accept the usage of top grain leather. This is the more durable option, and allows you to meet your potential sooner with better material. The outer layer isn't the most important part though, so let's talk about what's inside your boxing gloves. Here is what you can find in your boxing glove:
  1. Boxing gloves have a layer of either leather or vinyl on the outside. This is typically meant to be used for looks. Sometimes you'll find other material used, but it's usually either cowhide or goatskin leather or your cheaper vinyl.
  2. Right below the outer covering is where you're going to see foam. This foam padding is cut by the manufacturer in a way to allow your hand to fit inside easily with comfort. There are a lot of measures that the manufacturers take to preserve the quality of the foam padding. You'll usually see sweat protecting material to stop the foam from being drenched.
  3. Inside of the foam you should see what's called a bar. This is where your hand goes in, and allows you to make a fist around the bar part. It's made of a material that gets stitched to the foam around it, allowing it to stay together while in use.
  4. A major part of your bar inside of the glove is the curved thumb area (shown below). This is cut by the manufacturer so that your thumb is away from the rest of your fist while in use.
  5. A lot of gloves also have a wrist strap to keep your hand locked in place inside of your glove. Sometimes you'll even see holes cut into the strap to help you stay less sweaty inside the glove.
    Boxing gloves made with top grain leather

How Important is the Customization of Your Glove?

Customizing your glove to your liking is important. This is especially true if you take boxing seriously. The fit is one of the most important parts. If your glove fits the right way, then you should be able to stay comfortable while getting ready for the fight.Most boxing gloves come with many different sizes so that you can choose the best one for your hand. The best boxers in the world all have their very own style and custom fitting gloves. Custom boxing gloves are necessary for the best of the best. However, if you're just an amateur trying to train, they're not yet needed for you. As for the aesthetics, you can upload logos and choose from a wide range of colors to get your desired look. All custom boxing gloves start out as a blank canvas. promotional boxing gloves From this blank canvas, you can change it to your desire. Also, when you're trying to reach out to get people to help you design your boxing gloves, ensure that they're not just there to manufacture it for you. You want to work with others who will help guide you throughout the process. Some of the best creations come when minds collaborate. If you're unsure of what to make your gloves look like in a certain area, don't be afraid to ask for help.
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