Boxing 101: How To Wash Boxing Gloves?

Boxing 101: How To Wash Boxing Gloves?

If you don’t take care of your boxing gloves after a few sparring or bag sessions, you are going to get yourself in huge trouble. The odor of unmaintained boxing gloves is certainly obnoxious, especially when you consider how much sweat the gloves can absorb. In this post, we will explain how to wash your favorite boxing gloves and get rid of those nasty odors!

How To Wash Your Boxing Gloves?

The best way to wash your boxing gloves is with a deodorizer.

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After your training session, whether it’s a sparring session or a bag session, make sure to take care of the exterior of your gloves first. You can do so with a damp cloth. Wipe the surface of the gloves firmly to get rid of the sweaty stains on the leather. It doesn’t matter if you have real or fake leather boxing gloves - your sweat will always leave stains.

After you wipe the exterior of the gloves nicely, make sure to air the gloves out. Either put them outside, on fresh air or use a fan. Never put them in your gym bag or something similar, as your gloves will quickly get very stinky. Even if you don’t plan to clean them right away, make sure to take them out to air out for a bit.

You can leave the gloves to air out for a few hours, and then you are ready to deodorize them. Use a deodorizing spray with natural ingredients - you don’t want to destroy your boxing gloves, after all! A great deodorizing spray should feature non-irritating and non-toxic materials.

Once you get your hands on an appropriate deodorizer, apply it to the insides and outsides of the gloves, and let the spray soak into the boxing gloves. For tomorrow, your boxing gloves will be fresh and odor-free.

How To Keep Your Boxing Gloves Odor-Free?

How To Keep Your Boxing Gloves Odor-Free?


If you regularly use boxing gloves during the week, you will definitely need to maintain them regularly. You can find some lifesaving tips down below:

  • Just a cautionary notice: never put your boxing gloves in a washing machine. You can put them there if you want to quickly get rid of them, though!
  • Some say that freezing your boxing gloves will make the odors go away. That is simply not true, and we highly don’t recommend this, as the frozen state will just keep the bacteria in the gloves for longer.
  • Never put your boxing gloves to air out on the sun. The sun will shrink the gloves, and you will eventually see cracks on their exterior after a while.
  • Use hand wraps. Why? They will offer great support for your hands, but other than that, they soak up a lot of sweat while you have your boxing gloves on. Just make sure to regularly maintain them as you would do with your boxing gloves.

Well, the most important thing with keeping your boxing gloves fresh and odor-free is consistency. Make sure to remember that.


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