How to Become a Yoga Instructor?

How to Become a Yoga Instructor?

Are you wondering how to become a yoga instructor? Maybe you started out with yoga casually, and now are trying to ramp this practice up to the next level. With more practice, you can determine if a yoga teacher career is for you or not. Shortly, you got hooked on yoga.


What is the next step for you then? For most trainees, becoming a yoga instructor is an obvious choice. Even if you don't want to become a yoga instructor, a high-quality training program will evolve everything that you knew about yoga practice.


Let's find out how can you become a yoga instructor!


Why Should You Become a Yoga Instructor?

  There are a few legit reasons to become a yoga instructor.  

Most yoga students who absolutely enjoy yoga practice are dissatisfied with their regular jobs. What you should know is that you should come mentally prepared if you are willing to abandon your old job and become a full-time yoga instructor. Be warned, most yoga instructors do not actually make a lot of money. It is more a question of passion, rather than financial gain.


Yoga instructors actually have a pretty hard time in the labor market. There are no health insurance benefits, no 401k and no job security at all. If you want to just teach yoga for a living, prepare for quick classes at multiple locations, and for hustle when it comes to establishing a loyal following of students. Also, the competition for professional classes is pretty ferocious. On the other hand, you can always teach yoga classes part-time and work your regular job if you want financial stability.


So, the yoga instructor profession is by no means a steady environment. Yet, at the same time, it is incredibly fulfilling to share your hard-earned knowledge with fellow students who wish to take the same path. It is essential to stay realistic at all times, and what path lies ahead for you and your students.


Requirements for a Yoga Instructor Career

  You need to complete a training program first to become a yoga instructor.  

How to become a yoga instructor with high credibility? First of all, you need to complete a yoga teacher training program. Make sure that the training course is Yoga Alliance-Certified.


Now that we have mentioned it, what is Yoga Alliance? It is a nationally recognized organization (in the USA), but not a governing body. Yoga Alliance essentially provides recommendations for yoga training programs. These recommendations actually act as standards for training courses as there is usually no need for licenses or certificates to become a yoga instructor.


You can register for two types of Yoga Alliance registrations: 200-hour or 500-hour programs. Most yoga trainees first need to complete a 200-hour program, which is a minimum training requirement for future yoga instructors. With the 200-hour program, you can start teaching yoga classes. If you want to level up, then you can undertake a 500-hour training program.


What qualifications do you get after completing these two programs? After completing the 200-hour program, you can register with the Yoga Alliance, and use the RYT acronym (Registered Yoga Teacher). If you have the extra determination and complete the 500-hour program, you can become the Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher or E - RYT.


The key skills that you need for a yoga instructor career are a high level of physical fitness, strong communication, and motivational skills. You can attain most of these skills during the 200-hour training program.


Now that you know about the requirements for a yoga instructor career, let's learn more about the training programs!


How to Find a Yoga Instructor Training Program?

  How to find a yoga training program?  

Most yoga instructor training programs have entrance requirements for soon-to-be teachers. The requirements are variable, and usually, include a recommendation that you have attained during the several years of yoga practice.


Also, your training program choices may vary, depending on what yoga style your teacher taught you. For example, if you train a specialized yoga style, like hot yoga, then your training program choice will be obvious. If you practice a more diverse yoga style, like Vinyasa yoga, then you will have a better base for training programs.


Where should you look for yoga instructor training programs? Try your nearby yoga centers first. Many centers offer training programs, but make sure to double-check their curriculum before you sign up for a specific training program. Some programs may be a rip-off, as a lot of trainees are ready to invest thousands of dollars to make their dream come true. Make sure to check that a specific training program has a Yoga Alliance registration. That is a safe bet, as these are structured programs where you will study asanas, teaching techniques, anatomy and philosophy of a specific yoga style. You can get to these programs also by visiting the Yoga Alliance website.


Other things to keep in mind with yoga instructor training programs are costs, schedules and the personality of your teacher. Expect to pay up to $3000 for a yoga teacher training program. Also, some programs may be more intensive, lasting one month but with everyday sessions. Others may last up to a year but with weekend sessions only. Respect your teachers, as you will spend a lot of time with them.


Closing Words


Remember, yoga instructor profession is a hard road. You need to complete intensive training programs and get ready to invest more time in yoga than ever. If yoga is really your passion, then becoming a yoga instructor is a no-brainer!


If you are interested in yoga practice, we can help you with the design of yoga equipment, such as yoga mats, yoga straps and more! Have any other questions or concerns about becoming a yoga instructor? Feel free to reach us through email or live chat.


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