How Long Should Your Yoga Mat Be?

How Long Should Your Yoga Mat Be?

Are you just starting with the vigorous practice of yoga? One of the essentials that you should get is a yoga mat. Now, when you are choosing a yoga mat for yourself, the size will come into consideration very quickly. There is a standard when it comes to size, but what if you are a considerably tall individual? Then, the standard may fall into the water. In this post, we will try to explain how long should your yoga mat be.

If you are in a hurry, here is a quick sizing guide for yoga mats:

Your Height

Yoga Mat Length (inches)

Yoga Mat Width (inches)

Under 6 feet to 6 feet

68 to 72 (172,72 cm to 182,88 cm)

24 (60,96 cm)

Over 6 feet

84 (213,36 cm)

24 - 36 (60,96 cm to 91,44 cm)

What Is The Standard Yoga Mat Size?

What Is The Standard Yoga Mat Size?


An average yoga mat should be 24 inches wide (60,96 cm) and 68 to 72 inches long (172,72 cm to 182,88 cm). This is the yoga mat size people feel most comfortable practicing on. To translate this into height metrics, 68 inches equals 5’8”, while 72 inches equals 6 feet. That means that the standard yoga mat will be suitable for most of the population.

When it comes to the thickness of yoga mats, there are different categories. Lightweight yoga mats fit for carrying around are usually 1,5 mm thick. Standard yoga mats start from 3 mm of thickness. If you have back or knee pain, or just want overall better balance, there are 4 to mm thick yoga mats.

Even if you are 6 feet tall (not to mention if you are taller than that), the comfort of yoga practice will significantly increase if you get a yoga mat that is a few inches longer than your actual height.

However, the standard yoga mat size will be an excellent fit for you if your height is below 6 feet.

What Are Some Other Yoga Mat Sizes?

What Are Some Other Yoga Mat Sizes?


For individuals taller than 6 feet, there are even yoga mats that are 24 inches wide and 84 inches long (60,96 cm x 213,36 cm). When it comes to the length of the yoga mat, it roughly translates to 7 feet, which is more than enough to boost the comfort of yoga practice, even for taller individuals.

Other than the length itself, the width of the yoga mat can deviate from the standard. Right now, you can find 26-inch, 28-inch, and even 36-inch wide yoga mats! Why would you need a yoga mat so wide? Well, consider your shoulder width for that. If you have broad shoulders, you’re probably going to need a wider yoga mat.

Other Factors To Consider When Choosing A Yoga Mat

Make sure to consider other factors in choosing the right yoga mat size, such as will you practice in a yoga studio, or in a comfort of your home.

Other than the length and width of yoga mats, there are still some factors that you should consider when looking for a new yoga mat.

You should certainly consider where you are going to practice yoga. If you are going to practice yoga in the comfort of your home, you can go ahead and choose the yoga mat size that is most suitable for your height. Remember, you want a yoga mat from which you won’t slide out during your practice.

On the other hand, you won’t get that much flexibility at a yoga studio, as they tend to be small and crowded with other practitioners. That instantly means that you should be mindful of others, so it might not be a good idea to bring an ultra-long and ultra-wide yoga mat to a studio. Of course, that applies if the yoga studio you are practicing in is regularly full of people and has less space.

Other than these, always consider what your budget for a yoga mat is. With all that in mind, you will be able to choose a suitable yoga mat for your height.


We hope that you learned how long should your yoga mat be, depending on your height. Now, we want to notify you that we can design custom yoga mats for you free of charge.

Have any questions about yoga mats or the practice itself? Don’t hesitate to contact us via email or live chat.

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