Yoga Balls

How It's Made: Promotional Yoga Balls

Yoga balls are an increasingly popular piece of sporting equipment. They also have ample surface area on which to advertise, which makes them a perfect choice for branded equipment. We thought it would be a good idea to give an insight into how these simple, yet effective, sporting products are made.

PVC Production

Most commonly, exercise balls are made out of a material called Polyvinyl chloride. Polyvinyl chloride, sometimes referred to as soft plastic vinyl, is a result of the polymerisation of vinyl chloride. For those of you who are perhaps less scientifically inclined, this essentially means that a bunch of a compound called vinyl chloride are joined together. Polyvinyl Chloride is used to create Yoga Balls

PVC Additives

Following this process of polymerisation, we have unmodified polyvinyl chloride. This is not suitable to use in the production of your promotional yoga ball, so additives are used to alter the product. There are many different additives used to create modified PVC, ranging from heat or UV stabilisers, to impact modifiers, to flame retardants.

Creating the ball!

Once the modified polyvinyl chloride has been produced, your yoga ball is almost ready to go. The ball itself is just a large piece of modified polyvinyl chloride, able to be inflated with air. The appropriate size ball is created and filled with air. This size generally ranges from around 55cm to 85cm. As a rule, the taller you are, the larger your ball should be. Following this, your yoga ball is ready for use. As a rule, the taller you are, the higher your yoga balls should be  

Differences in quality

The major difference in yoga ball quality comes from the thickness of the PVC. Cheaper, lower quality yoga balls tend to be made of a thinner material. This makes them more prone to popping, which can be dangerous if you are sitting on them, or performing an exercise. Thicker PVC tends to be more resistant, providing a more durable product. For a look at Branded by Disrupt's promotional sports products, click here.
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