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How It's Made: Promotional Cricket Balls

The cricket ball is called many names – red white, kookaburra, duke ball, hardball – they all refer to the object of play in Cricket. Unlike the cricket bat, the balls have stayed consistent since the game’s inception. The question now is how are promotional cricket balls made? Cricket balls are usually red, and are used in tests and first class cricket. With extended period of plays, the surface of the ball starts to wear. Bowlers can polish the ball whenever they can to give the ball a ‘swing’ as it travels through the air. The standard size and dimension for cricket balls according to regulations for men’s cricket and women’s cricket are different. The ball’s weight for men’s cricket is 5.5 and 5.75 ounces, with a circumference of 8 13/16 to 19 inches. For women, the standard ball weight for women 4 15/16 and 5 1/16 ounces and has a circumference of about 8.3 – 8.9 inches. Component The hard core of the cricket ball is made up of cork, and is afterwards layered with tightly wound string, which turns it into a spherical-shaped object.  A cliché common in cricketing is “the sound of leather on willow” and is said because the hard exterior of the ball is covered by hardened leather. The components of ball is then weighed to ensure that it conforms to the standard guidelines for a cricket ball. The next stage involves stitching the four pieces together, after which the equator is stitched with a string to derive a raised seam. Final Process The final preparations for the ball involves dyeing and branding the ball with the manufacturer’s name. Promotional cricket balls are then covered with several coats of polish before it is processed for shipment and deliveries. Over the years, the invention of machines has made the production of promotional cricket balls easier. Although many manufacturers still prefer to make the balls with hand than machines. The type of manufacturing process of ball has effects on its usability. Also different balls are used for different tournaments. White Kookaburra balls are good for s day’s use only and used in twenty20 international matches. SG and Duke balls are the other types on cricket balls produced. You can design your branded promotional cricket balls here. You can also read more about promotional sport equipment on the Blog.
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