promotional slam balls

How its made: Promotional Slam Balls

Slam balls are excellent for challenging your aerobic capabilities and improving your workout routine. Slam balls help develop the ability to generate high amounts of force – or power – quickly. The workouts strengthen every muscle in the body. This is because you move your body through a wide range of motion and usually at high velocity. There is exceptionally high energy demand that must be supplied by the anaerobic energy system. This subsequently demands the aerobic system to aid prompt recovery. Companies, especially those in the fitness industry can use the promotional slam balls for giveaways, or during trade shows.

The Ball’s features

The materials used for the slam balls are textured rubber-like PVC sand-filled shell. The shell of the ball is made from durable material as the first stage of defense against impact. A flaw in the shell quality and construction can cause the ball to tear or burst too early. The shell is made through a rotational molding process. The balls are designed to withstand aggressions, abuse, and with optimum durability. The balls are evenly weighted, distinctively durable, and can be bounced or slammed against concrete, hardwood, artificial turf, rubber. Regardless of the rigorous activity, the ball will maintain consistent rebound responsiveness. The slam balls have basketball-styled groves and tacky surface grain allows for easy and firm grip even when they are wet. It is also good for water-based training. Slam balls are available in different weights and are color-coded.

Making the promotional Slam Balls

The best way to use slam balls for advertisement is by having it branded with your company’s name or logo. At branded, you get to choose the design you want and works excellent for marketing efforts, promotions, or at trade fairs. To ensure you get the design you desire, we offer total customization options that you can choose. First, when you send in your logo, branding directions, images, or ideas, we create concepts and samples for you. From these, you will then select the design that best fits your needs. You can design your own promotional slam ball
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