How are Frisbees Made?

Why Frisbees Started Out as Metal Tins: How Are Frisbees Made?

Frisbees are some of the most fun toys in the world to play with.  Many people even argue that they're more than just toys, since frisbee competitions exist where they're taken seriously by everyone who's participating. I'm sure you've thrown a frisbee before or seen one, but do you know how they're made? Let's dive in and see exactly how frisbees are made!

How are Modern Frisbees Made?

Modern day frisbees are made with a material named polyethylene. This is a type of plastic that is very commonly used when making products. Here are the steps taken to form a frisbee from start to finish:
  1. A plastic manufacturer is in charge of creating a resin, which is going to be used in the later process of injection molding. The resin is checked over and made sure to have the right amount of moisture and compounds in it.
  2. The plastic pellets formed by the plastic manufacturer are sent to the Frisbee company. Then they're combined with a bonding agent and are mixed until every material is bonded. Then, the unmelted pellets are put into a drying system to remove the extra iron.
  3. The material is then melted in a barrel, and then is compressed to the right compression amount. After this, compound accumulates are ahead of the screw while the screw slides out of the barrel. This is also known as a shot. A valve is then placed at the base of the screw so as not to allow any back flow.
  4.  At this point, the injection molding process is ready to begin. The melted plastic is molded into the shape of the frisbee.
  5. Then, the frisbee is custom designed into whatever way they want to make it. There are many ways to make a custom designed frisbee look, as colors, logos, and more can be added to make it look as good as possible for consumer usage.

Why Did Frisbees Start Out as Metal Tins?

Can you imagine people playing frisbee in their yards and throwing metal tins? Neither can I. Believe it or not, that's how the fun game we all know started out. Frisbee never used to appear the way it does now, but I guess everything has to start out somewhere. The first frisbee ever was made by the Frisbie Pie Company back in 1871. Yelling "Frisbie!" was common as nearby college students would glide metal tins to each other. The metal tins were actually pie tins, and the fad was started by the employees of the Frisbie Pie Company, and eventually the rest of America began to fall in love with it. Luckily, in 1948, people stopped using the metal pie tins as much and began using the original Flying Saucer. This new innovation allowed the Frisbee to fly longer distances. It also made it look much better. This also prevented injuries. Being hit with a plastic was much safer for the consumer. Not long after this, the rights of the Flying Saucer were sold to Wham-O. Wham-O is a toy company that made the Frisbee what it is today, and changed the name from the Flying Saucer name to "Frisbee."
In the United States of America every year, more frisbees are sold than baseballs, basketballs, and footballs combined. Frisbees are a massive success. They took control over the founder so much that Walter Frederick Morrison was cremated and molded into a Frisbee after his death. That Frisbee was then given to his family and passed down. Frisbees are great for promotional giveaways, since they're such popular items. Many companies decide to customize frisbees and give them away at their events. This is a great form of cheap advertising for their company. Most Frisbees are very cheap to make. They're much cheaper than other sports balls and equipment. Original Frisbee as a metal tin As you can see, this is how the original metal tin frisbee looked like. The frisbee has come a long way, and one of the best moves they made was changing it to plastic.
  1. Plastic is much cheaper, which helps out by allowing more people to be able to use them.
  2. It is less likely to dent than the tins that were used in the original frisbee.
  3. Plastic is easily customizable, whereas metal tins aren't able to be customized as much.
These are some of the many reasons that make frisbees great. Hopefully you now have a better understanding of how frisbees were made.
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