Great gifts for football players

Great Gifts for Football Players

American Football is a hell of a tough sport. While it may not be the most widely followed worldwide, the popularity of the NFL is testament to the amount of skill required to play, and the entertainment level which it provides. Gifts for football players can be a great choice for a birthday present, at Christmas time, or even just to provide a much-needed motivational boost in the middle of a tough season. We've provided a list of the top presents for these athletes to help you out with ideas.

1. Protective Equipment

Ever watched a game of this brutal sport? Then you'll know that protective equipment is a major, and necessary, part of it. From helmets, to mouth guards, to jockstraps, football players need to make sure they're well covered to protect their bodies from the countless tough hits to which they are subjected. Offering some equipment to someone as a gift – though perhaps avoid buying someone a mouth guard – can be a great choice, and offer something which they can truly use. Different types of protective equipment can make great gifts for football players

2. New Cleats

Cleats are a great present for footballers for two reasons. Firstly, they are practical. Every player needs a good pair of boots, as the sport requires many sudden changes in speed and direction. Secondly, they are a fashion statement. Though many players would be loath to admit it, cleats are a way to incorporate a bit of stylistic flair into their uniforms. These are the only items in a players' uniform bag which does not have to be the same as everyone else's, so it is a popular way to stand out from the crowd. Look good, feel good, play good.

3. Gym Equipment

The requirements of football team members vary significantly based on position. For the most part, though, these athletes need to be fit and strong to perform at a high level. Offering some gym equipment as a reward for their efforts is a great idea. Something like a dumbbell gives players the ability to get in a little bit of extra training at home, and improve their performance on the field. While you're at it, why not get it custom branded as a little extra touch? Weights make for great gifts for football players

4. NFL Books and DVDs

Gifts for football players are often based around playing itself. NFL books and DVDs are a great way to give them a football-related gift, without it being tailored directly to the hard work they do on the field. Obviously these guys have a strong interest in the sport, so books and DVDs about the sport provide a relaxing way to enjoy it, without the pressure of game day. These can be autobiographies by some of the game's greats, instructional videos, or rundowns of some of the sport's greatest moments. Great gifts for football players can be hard to come by. Hopefully, this list provides a few ideas for your next purchase!
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