Disrupt Sports Heads Down to Baywatch with Promotional Equipment for the Elite of the Elite

With the reboot of the much loved 80's T.V. show, Baywatch, coming out this year starring Dwane Johnson and Zac Efron as part of the new cast of (mostly) drop-dead gorgeous, crime-solving lifeguards, we got involved with the production of promotional equipment for the premier and film. Get ready beaches. Baywatch_baywatch_promotional_promo_promotionalequipment_promoequipment_DwayneJohnson_ZacEfron_TheRock_lifeguard_baywatch_bay_watchBaywatch_baywatch_promotional_promo_promotionalequipment_promoequipment_DwayneJohnson_ZacEfron_TheRock_lifeguard_baywatch_bay_watch

What Baywatch wanted:

The promo team at Baywatch wanted some lifeguard-theme equipment that would stand out from the crowd and put Mitch Buchannon and his team squarely back on the map. They wanted the movie to appeal to sports nuts all over the world and knew that the fans would be able to tell if the lifeguard's gear was poor quality. This is why they chose to use Disrupt to make their equipment.  

What Disrupt Sports did:

Disrupt custom printed some of our 'The Hidden' surfboards and around 10 torpedo buoys of the highest quality.


What products they ordered:

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