Ping Pong 101: What Is The Difference Between Ping-Pong Paddle And Table Tennis Bat?

Ping Pong 101: What Is The Difference Between Ping-Pong Paddle And Table Tennis Bat?

Most people put ping pong and table tennis in the same basket, but is the reality different? Well, however weird that may sound, there are indeed some differences between the two terms, and both could be classified as standalone games. Also, there are a lot of repeated questions on what is the difference between a ping-pong paddle and a table tennis bat.

Well, in this post, we will do our best to define the differences in the two rackets, and debunk the theories that both are the same. Read on to clarify the differences!

Ping-Pong Paddle

Ping-Pong Paddle

Ping-pong, unlike table tennis, has standardized equipment in the form of a sandpaper paddle. Sandpaper paddles feature five layers that slow down the speed of the ball and reduce its spin speed. That’s why the ball control potential is much higher with the ping-pong paddle. Another difference with the table tennis bat is that the sandpaper paddle doesn’t feature two rubbers, it features two laminated layers instead.

Now, the advantage of the ping-pong paddle is that you will have increased control over the ball, and the game itself - which translates into larger outplay potential. The sandpaper paddles are also much cheaper than table tennis bats, mainly due to the scarcity of material used in its construction. Expect to pay 5 USD to 10 USD for a ping-pong paddle, which is incredibly cheap compared to table tennis bats.

On the other hand, the sandpaper construction of the ping-pong paddle greatly reduces the dynamics of the game at hand, which may be disadvantageous, especially for the spectators of the game. Also, the material is much lower in quality than in table tennis bats.

Table Tennis Bat

Table Tennis Bat

Table tennis bats are wholly different beasts than ping-pong paddles. There are dozens of choices when it comes to them, and it is harder to pick the one you like compared to the standardized ping-pong paddles.

A table tennis bat is composed of two well-defined components. The main component is the wooden blade, but in some cases can be made of a small percentage of other material, such as carbon fiber and compressed paper. Well, the thing to keep in mind is that the blade of the table tennis bat must be at least 85% wood to be fit for competitive play. Usually, you will find five-layered and seven-layered blades on the market, which expands the range of choice you have.

The second component of the table tennis bat is the rubbers that are attached to both sides of the blade and additionally trimmed to fit the blade. Sandwich rubbers are the most common and are distinguished by the combination of rubber and sponge that resembles a sandwich.

As there are more variations when it comes to blade and rubber composition, you can find ready-made and customized table tennis bats on the market. The table tennis bats offer players a much quicker game than ping-pong, albeit with less ball control. Also, they tend to be much more expensive - a blade usually costs 40 USD, and each rubber costs approx. 35 USD, which equals in 110 USD for a sample table tennis bat!


Ping-Pong Paddle vs. Table Tennis Bat In Summary

For your viewing pleasure, here is the table detailing all the main differences between the ping-pong paddle and table tennis bat:

Composition Game Style Average Price
Ping-Pong Paddle Standardized rubber paddle + laminated layers Slower game with more emphasis on ball control 5 - 10 USD
Table Tennis Bat
85% wooden blade (15% varied material) + rubber layers Quicker game with less ball control 110 USD


What is the difference between a ping-pong paddle and a table tennis bat? Well, we hope that you got an answer to this question, however trivial it may seem. Sometimes, the right terms will mean a lot when you want to buy yourself a table tennis racket! (or a ping pong paddle)

Now, we want to let you know that we can design ping-pong balls and ping-pong paddles for you, free of charge! Just send us your logo, additional imagery, or whatever inspires you, and we will create some concepts and mock-ups for you!

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