Design ideas for custom printed yoga mats

20 Design Ideas for Custom Printed Yoga Mats

Yoga practice became a worldwide phenomenon since it has tremendous health and mental benefits. Many people started to practice yoga either from the comfort of their home, in the beautiful nature or professional yoga classes. The most important and essential equipment for doing yoga is a yoga mat. Everyone who's into yoga will tell you about the importance of yoga mat on the quality of sessions and motivation levels. We all know that visuals can increase our motivation and what could be a better way to stay motivated than designing your own custom printed yoga mats? Not everyone is a born designer, but luckily, there are many available design samples that can inspire you to make your own design for a yoga mat.

What Kind of Yoga Mats Are Popular Today?

Nowadays, yoga became a very popular form of physical and mental training, and for the beginner, it might be hard to pick the right yoga type. No matter which yoga practice you go with, you can expect huge benefits on your body and mind. The most important thing is to pick an ideal yoga mat that suits the yoga type you're performing. Be sure that you go with proper thickness for your yoga mat. For instance, 2mm yoga mats are perfect for travelers who're looking for a light and portable yoga mats. If you're looking to perform dynamic exercises along with yoga, then aim for thicker mats (from 6 - 12mm). Material is extremely important since you don't want to perform yoga on a slippery mat (guide on reducing the slipperiness of your yoga mat) that is filled with toxic materials. We recommend you to go with recyclable or rubber materials. These two won't harm you or the environment while giving you a firm grip during yoga sessions. Design is a very important aspect of a yoga mat that is often overlooked. Many yogis reported the increase in motivation after getting a creative design with bright colors. You're going to spend some time on your yoga mat, so why not to make a beautiful design that will keep you motivated to practice regularly? Design your own yoga mat using our virtual design tool or simply talk with our professional designer who's going to provide you with a few design samples free of any cost.

Where to Find Custom Designs?

There are countless places where you can get inspiration for your next design. If you don't have a complete design already planned, there are many websites that can help you in getting ideas. Shutterstock - just write what you'd like to have on your yoga mat and you'll get creative and diverse results. Pixabay - same as Shutterstock, but it's free. Also, it doesn't have as much design ideas as Shutterstock. Unsplash - a very cool website that has some interesting designs. We have more than 200 creative designs you can incorporate your logo for free. Once you've figured out the perfect design for your yoga mat, you can upload the picture into our live design tool and create amazing designs.

Design Ideas for Custom Printed Yoga Mats

#1 Mandala Patterns

Custom printed yoga mats - design 1 Mandala design 1 Mandala 3 Mandala 4 Mandala design 5

#2 Mindful Photos

Zen design 1 Zen design 2 Zen design 4 Zen design 3 Zen design 5

#3 Natural Effects

#4 Random Designs

#5 Corporate Designs 

Now you have 20 design ideas for your awesome custom printed yoga mats. If you have any questions or maybe you're looking for help in designing, feel free to reach us out through email or live chat.
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