Custom Printed Snowboard

Crucial Steps to Design a Custom Printed Snowboard

Every snowboarding enthusiast knows the importance of having a nice looking and perfectly fit snowboard. Nowadays there are so many snowboarding companies that come up with creative board designs. What do you think of designing your own custom printed snowboard?   Maybe it sounds harder than it actually is, but don't worry as we're going to guide you through all of the details of creating your own custom printed snowboard.   Don't worry; you don't have to be a designer as we're going to provide you with our interactive design application that will help you in figuring out how your design would look like on the board. So let's start.  

#1 Pick the High-Quality Snowboard

  Pick the high quality base for your custom printed snowboard   The first step in coming up with a creative and personalized custom printed snowboard is picking a durable board. Imagine this as you have an empty canvas and you're about to put some art on it.   The material of the snowboard is of uttermost importance since you don't want to invest time and money in a low-quality board. You can't miss with materials like a maple tree or any other durable tree.   Once you're satisfied with the quality of the board, you have to think about the size. The size standard ranges from 5'2'' all the way to 5'4''. Pick the right size for your body composition before moving to the next step.  

#2 Design Your Own Custom Printed Snowboard

  Design your own custom printed snowboard   Once you figured out the board that is durable and suits your body composition, it is time for the most exciting part - designing your snowboard artwork.   Here are some amazing snowboard artwork designs where you can get the idea for your own design.   There is a huge possibility that you don't have any experience in designing. Don't worry since you only have to have a clear idea of what kind of design you'd like to have on your board. We have a virtual design tool specially made for creating a custom printed snowboard.   There are a few options when it comes to designing your own custom printed snowboard including:  
  • picking the base color of your board
  • uploading the logo that represents your brand/company or simply uploading the photo you'd like to have on your board
  • adding a specific text with a customizable font
  After you're done with designing using our virtual design tool, you might have a better idea of what kind of design you prefer. If you're still not satisfied with the design, then we can do a design for you (free of cost).   If you're not a designer by nature and you don't have a clear vision of a design you'd like to put on your custom printed snowboard, then we advise you to reach us out and our professional designers will make a unique design just for you. The great thing about this is that you really don't have to have any idea of the final design.   You just need to graphic, logo or text you'd like to have on your snowboard and we're going to come up with a few different designs that you can pick from.   If you'd like to see the work of our designers, check out a campaign we did with Oreo.  

#3 Pick a Design and Try Your Custom Printed Snowboard

  Order your custom printed snowboard and enjoy the ride   Once you have a few design mockups in front of you, it's time to pick the best fitting one. It may take some time, especially if you're dealing with various good design. Once you choose the winner, you move to the next step - printing and putting the artwork on your snowboard.   The best and most durable material for printing the artwork on a snowboard is by using a vinyl wrap. Vinyl wrap is a very durable sticky wrap that is applied directly to the board. It can endure years of snowboarding without any sign of wearing off.   The last step, after you're satisfied with your custom design, is to order the board. It usually takes up to 4 weeks for delivery, but it hugely depends on the quantity. The surprising fact is that we don't have a minimum order, which means you can make a custom printed snowboard for your personal use.   If you're interested in finding out more about the process of making a custom printed snowboard, drop us a message with your questions or talk with one of us via live chat.
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