All you have to know about custom printed rugby balls

How Do Custom Printed Rugby Balls Work?

Are you a passionate rugby player who's looking to create personalized and custom printed rugby balls? Custom printed balls might not have an impact on your game, but it can definitely promote your business, club, competitions or even charity. The sky is the limit when it comes to designing your own rugby ball.   The whole process, from design idea all the way to a personalized rugby ball, has a few interesting steps. In this short article, we're going to describe a process of designing and making your own custom printed rugby balls.  

#1 Material for Your Rugby Ball

  Material of custom printed rugby balls really matters   First and foremost, the type of material and build quality of a rugby ball is of uttermost importance. Imagine a ball as a fortress where you're going to store all of your values. Would you feel safe to store all your values in a wooden fortress? Probably not.   So, the first step in designing a custom printed rugby ball is picking the high-quality ball. It's very hard to miss with the materials of the ball since there is a standard in manufacturing rugby balls. The only thing you should be aware of is to check the stitching type. Don't go for anything else than a hand-stitched type of rugby ball.  

#2 Size of Rugby Ball Matters

  Size of a rugby ball is very important   Now when you know about the right materials and stitching, it's time to talk about the size. Features like materials and size can be called as the base of designing your own custom printed rugby ball. It's very hard to go wrong when it comes to those features, but it's better to mention them at the beginning.   The size standard for rugby is 5 which means you should definitely go for that size.   We can help you make your own custom printed design on a rugby ball using only the highest quality materials and standardized size.  

#3 Design Your Own Custom Printed Rugby Balls

  Design your own custom printed rugby balls   Once you picked the right ball, it's time to put your custom design on it. The first step in the process is picking the color of the base. Don't just go with a random color. Think of your brand/logo and which color can represent it the best.   The next step is putting your own logo that will represent your brand or company. Depending on the cause of making your own custom printed rugby balls, the logo is probably the most important aspect of each design since it's a representation of your business/brand.   Once you're satisfied with the size and placement of your logo, it's time to get creative. You can add customized photos or even a text on the ball. The thing is that you have complete freedom when it comes to designing your own printed rugby ball.   To get your creative juices to flow, check out some design ideas here and here.   Not everyone is born designer, so we totally get if you're having trouble figuring out a perfect design to represent your brand or company. Don't stress yourself over not being able to put a custom printed design together. We can help you with our designing tool where you can create and modify your custom printed rugby balls in real time.   However, if you think that you need the help of a professional designer, we can help you. Just send us information about your company along with your vision and we're going to come up with a few design versions for your rugby balls. The only thing you need to do is to pick up among a few designs.   Another amazing thing is that we will design printed rugby balls for free, so don't hesitate to drop us a request for a design. Also, there is no minimum order amount which comes handy even for passionate rugby individuals.   If you're interested to find out more information about custom printed rugby balls (no minimum order amount), drop us a message with your questions or simply talk with one of us via live chat.
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