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Boxing Training 101: When to Use Custom Boxing Gloves or MMA Gloves

You need to know when to use custom boxing gloves over MMA gloves and vice versa if you want to become a fighter. They each serve their own purpose and that's what we're going to cover in this article.

What's The Difference Between MMA & Custom Boxing Gloves?

MMA and boxing gloves are completely different. They look different and have different purposes for when you're fighting. As a side by side, you can see below the physical difference between the two.   what's inside of boxing gloves?promotional MMA gloves   Boxing gloves tend to have more padding, and they also cover a larger area when striking your opponent. Boxing gloves allow for all of your fingers to be inside of the glove at all times. This makes it so that you're unable to use your fingers while fighting. These also don't have any open palm, which causes increased sweating as well. MMA gloves are lighter, and allow you to strike faster when fighting your opponent. The padding on your MMA gloves is usually more dense, and the padding feels tighter across your fist. The stiffer padding allows for the punches you throw on your opponent to be more painful and hard. MMA gloves also have an open palm, like shown in the picture above. This allows it to fit like a glove, whereas the boxing gloves fit like a very large glove and isn't tight.  

When Should You Use MMA Gloves over a Custom Boxing Glove?

Here are all of the scenarios in which you should stray away from a boxing glove and use an MMA glove:
  • When you're going to be in an MMA fight, it's necessary to use MMA gloves. There are many types of MMA fighting.
  • If you're looking to train on a bag, you should not use an MMA glove. A bag glove is what should be used in this scenario which is a type of a custom boxing glove. There are a few cases in which you can use an MMA glove on a bag. This is when you use a heavy MMA glove. Some of these gloves are much heavier and offer more padding than your average MMA glove. This allows you to be able to train on a bag. mma fighting bag
  • If you're training your speed, you should most definitely use an MMA glove. These will allow you to punch faster in every case.
  • If you're looking to have your own custom design or fit, custom boxing gloves are the best bet for you.
  • Both the boxing glove and an MMA glove allow you to throw hard punches. However, MMA gloves have been known to hit harder than boxing gloves in most cases. When you're interested in throwing hard punches during training, an MMA glove is most beneficial.
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