Boxing 101: Custom Boxing Gloves vs Bag Gloves - What's The Difference?

Before you run out and buy some boxing gloves, you should know the facts. There's a difference between custom boxing gloves and bag gloves. Buying the correct kind for you will make a difference in your performance.

What is the Difference Between the two?

To understand better, you should know the difference between custom boxing gloves and bag gloves. Here are the differences:
  • Bag gloves have a single purpose. They're meant for you to use when you're training. Specifically, bag gloves are meant to be used on boxing bags, like shown below.
boxing bags
  • Bag gloves shouldn't be used for anything other than on bags. One main reason is that if you use them as training gloves on your partner, the foam will compress and potentially hurt your partner.
  • Custom boxing gloves are usually made to be used in actual fights. They're also meant to be used as training gloves too. It's possible to also get custom boxing gloves specifically for bag training, but that doesn't happen often.

Which Is Better for You to Use?

In most cases, custom boxing gloves are better than bag gloves. There are so many benefits to getting custom gloves, and you should consider going that route for this. One of the main reasons we say this is because you can do anything with custom boxing gloves, whereas with bag gloves you can only use them for hitting the bags when you're training. It's best for you to try both though. If you have the funds, you should get regular boxing gloves and also bag gloves. This way, you'll be able to have general ones and specific ones. You'll also be able to look your best during your next fight. Hopefully you make the right decision. Pretty soon you could have your own pair like this!
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