What to consider before buying a basketball

Things to Consider Before Buying a Basketball

There are quite a few things you need to consider before buying a basketball. With basketball becoming increasingly popular in the past decade, paired with the fact that more people play basketball now than ever, this guide is perfect for those of you looking to get a new ball. You'll also learn the difference between the types of balls you can get!

Types of Basketballs to Consider

There are three main types of basketballs for you to consider buying, each with their own characteristics. Here are the types you should know about:
  1. Rubber Basketballs - Rubber basketballs are typically the least expensive type of basketball you could buy. These are also great for those of you that play basketball outside and on concrete. The only downside to these types of basketballs is that they're likely to get "egg-bumps" in them after a long time of use, or if mistreated in anyway. This can definitely impact your performance and might even cause you to have to switch to a new ball. However, rubber basketballs are the perfect ball to get for a kid! 
  2. Leather Basketballs - Leather is a very fine material. As we all know, it is reserved for the most expensive basketballs in existence, and are only used on indoor courts. Do not buy a leather basketball if you plan on using it outside often, because you'll more than likely ruin the feel to it. One of the best parts about leather basketballs is that they tend to feel very good in ones hand after they're first broken in. Many people tend to like these types of basketballs the best!
  3. Composite Basketballs - Composite basketballs are faux-leather basketballs which rank in the middle in terms of pricing. However, if you're a basketball player that plays both inside and out, and wants a ball that feels and looks like leather but won't get ruined if played on concrete, then this is the ball for you! Most people tend to buy these basketballs, since they look just as good as real leather basketballs and feel the same, all the while costing much less.
As you can see, there are many ways basketballs are made, and it's important for you to decide which one suits you best!

Sizes of Basketballs to Consider Buying

There are many sizes of basketballs you can get, which adds even more options for you to choose from. Here are the sizes you can typically choose from:
  1.  Full Size (29.5") - This is the biggest type of basketball you can get, and it's the official size basketball for the NBA. Odds are, if you're a grown man, you're going to want to purchase this size. This is what most people use when they play at parks or in gyms, and eventually you're going to use this size at some point in your life.
  2. Women's Size (28.5") - Just a tad smaller, this is the ideal basketball size for women who are looking to get a ball to start with. This ball isn't much smaller than a men's ball, but it's enough to make you notice a difference. It differs both in the weight and in the circumference of the ball.
  3. Kids Size (27.5" and Down) - These are the balls you'll see being used by little kids. Who want to be able to shoot the ball to rim level. These are perfect for little hoops, and can be used in arcades on a basketball hoop machine. These aren't meant to be used for hardcore competition, but they're fun to play with and mainly meant for kids!

Best Basketball Brands to Buy From

There are a lot of basketball brands. To name a few, you have:
  • Nike
  • Wilson
  • Spalding
  • Rawlings
  • Jordan
  • Adidas
  • Molten
Spalding is the basketball brand used in the NBA. It is commonly regarded as the premiere basketball to buy. Although every other option listed here is good to consider and there isn't too much differentiation between brands!
As you can see, there's a lot of different options when choosing which basketball to buy. Customize and nitpick exactly what you want in a ball, and then you'll be good to start playing! Make sure that you understand the difference between indoor and outdoor balls to make an informed decision on what you should get, depending on where you'll mostly be playing.
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