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7 Crucial Things Before Buying a Printed Yoga Mat

Are you pumped out to get your hands on a newly printed yoga mat? Well, we know the feeling when you're practicing yoga for a while and you're about to get a new yoga mat for your daily practices. Yoga mats are very personal to many practitioners, so it's not a strange thing that you can see many different printed yoga mats around.   What would be a better thing than have your own motivational quotes or anything that holds a personal meaning to you printed on your yoga mat? We all know the power of the words and visuals when it comes to motivation, and believe us, you'll deal with many mental struggles when practicing yoga.   Let's check out some crucial things when buying a printed yoga mat.  

#1 Thickness of Your Yoga Mat

  Thickness of printed yoga mat is very important   Thickness is probably the most important aspect when buying a yoga mat, especially if you're a beginner. You don't need to aim for the thickest yoga mat on the market, but some padding will help in avoiding the discomfort or even injuries.   Nowadays, there is a standard when it comes to the thickness of yoga mats. The most common yoga mats come in 2mm, 3mm, 6mm and 12mm thickness. It's totally up to you to pick the one that will suit your practice and level.   For instance, 2mm yoga mats are probably the thinnest on the market and usually used by travelers since you can easily fold them and pack in the backpack without adding much weight to your luggage. The biggest disadvantage of this type is a discomfort you may experience during the yoga practice. Also, this thickness isn't the best for someone with achy knees.   12mm yoga mats are great for beginners who're practicing at one place without moving the mat around. This type of yoga mat is ideal for pilates or CrossFit. It provides its practitioners with comfort, but at the same time, disrupts the balance in some poses since the cushion is too thick.   The most common yoga mat is 3mm or 6mm since it provides with balance for your practice.  

#2 Pick the Right Material of Yoga Mat

  Material of your printed yoga mat is of uttermost importance   Picking the right material can be a game changer. There are many material types on the market today and it's important that you figure out which one works for you. For instance, the most common materials used are PVC and synthetic ones, while many people started to move to eco-friendly yoga mats.   Foam is a very affordable and long-lasting material that is perfect for beginners. These mats usually weigh between 2 - 5 pounds, depending on thickness.   Thermoplastic is a bit more expensive and it feels like you're practicing on a rubber mat. This is a synthetic material that can be recycled at the end of the using cycle.   Cotton yoga mats are mainly used for meditation or relaxing since it's too heavy and impractical for yoga.   Rubber mats are very durable and thick while providing people with non-slippery yoga experience.  

#3 Length of Yoga Mat is Important

  Always aim for at least 20 cm taller yoga mat than you.   Length is a pretty straightforward aspect when picking the yoga mat. The general rule is to always get a yoga mat that is at least 20 cm taller than you. When ordering a printed yoga mat, you can always check the length of the mat. Also, the best advice would be to first try some regular yoga mats and figure out what's the perfect length for you.  

#4 Go For Non-Slippery Yoga Mat

  Non slippery printed yoga mat is a way to go   This is probably the most important feature of every yoga mat since it's very dangerous and uncomfortable when you have a slippery yoga mat. Go for a rubber yoga mat if you want to avoid slipperiness of your mat. Anyway, if you've already bought another type of mat and you experience slipperiness, don't worry. Check out our 10 tips for dealing with slippery yoga mats.  

#5 Invest More Money Into Buying a Yoga Mat


Don't save on your printed yoga mat and you'll thank us later

  Everyone is looking to save some money, including us, but after trying many different yoga mats one thing is for sure - spend a bit more for a better mat. Cheap mats are usually very slippery and also they wear out pretty fast. Also, with cheap yoga mats, you don't have the flexibility to pick the material or thickness which definitely limits you. If you're planning to put your own design or print on the cheap yoga mat, there is a huge possibility it will wear off very soon.   Check out our custom yoga mat selection that aims for a balance between price and quality.  

#6 Create Your Own Design

  Make your own design for a new printed yoga mat   Being able to create your own design with colors of your choice is an amazing thing to do. Many yoga practitioners, at some time, struggle with the motivation to practice. What could be better than designing your own printed yoga mat with a graphic, colors or text that motivates you to practice?   We have a simple virtual tool for designing your printed yoga mat to suit your preferences. It's very simple to use and you don't need any special skills. Everything is live, so you can see changes immediately. There are a few options including editing the base color, uploading logo or picture, adding text (different fonts) and much more. Also, if you're not satisfied with a design, you can outreach us and our professional designer will provide you with a few design samples you can pick from (everything free of cost).  

#7 Printing Method   Last but not least, a printing method is very important for your printed yoga mat. Are you looking to promote your business or brand and put your business logo on a yoga mat? In that case, the best option might be doing a screen printing where you transfer a graphic using high temperature. This method is easy and affordable, but since traction is the main part of yoga, the graphic tends to wear off pretty fast.   Digital method is by far more superior and longer lasting since it prints graphic directly to a yoga mat. This method allows you to go into details and come up with amazing designs. It's a bit more expensive since you have to use specialized equipment, but the durability and quality of a graphic definitely justify the price.   If you have any other questions about a printed yoga mat, feel free to send us an email or talk to one of us through a live chat.
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