Branded workout equipment is a great way to market to millennials

5 Reasons Branded Workout Equipment Will Engage a Millennial Audience

The millennial audience is perhaps one of the most elusive age groups for marketers to capture. Their age means that what appeals to them is relatively fickle, and as such it can be more difficult to effectively reach them from a promotional perspective. Branded workout equipment is one method which, for a number of reasons, has the ability to talk to them. Here are some of those reasons.

1. They are active

It's no secret that 18-29 year olds are among the most physically active of age groups. Given their physical capabilities, this makes sense. Their backs haven't yet given out, and they are still able to get out of bed without every muscle in their body squeaking like a rusty gate. As a result, branded workout equipment is a great way to get them to pay attention to your brand. They will be exposed to it, but more importantly they will be attracted to it.

Attractive logos are a great way to make your branded workout equipment attractive to millennials

2. They like things that look good

This is where you need to think. It's not enough to simply stamp your brand on a piece of sporting equipment and hope it helps you to get sales. You need to incorporate your logo in a way that is attractive to young people. It needs to appeal to them on an aesthetic level. Though it sounds simplistic, bright colours are a relatively straightforward way to do this.

3. They value furthering themselves

This may sound like a vague concept, and can certainly be applicable to people of all ages. But millennials in particular like the idea that they are developing individually, especially if they're putting effort into something - like a workout. The benefit of branded workout equipment is that not only can you advertise your brand, but you can sell it by advertising the wider life benefits which will result from using it. This means not only will people see your brand name or logo, but they will form positive associations from it.

4. They play a lot of sport

The beauty of sports is that, often, it requires physically working out to be competitively ready. This means that in order to successfully contribute to the team of whatever sport they are playing, millennials need to workout. This makes branded workout equipment a great way to capture the millennial market, and it can be promoted as a way to help them in their sporting endeavours.

Playing lots of sports is one reason why millennials are a great target for branded workout equipment

5. They like to be trendy

If you can demonstrate that your brand is the next big thing, or at least remotely popular, you are likely to be able to distribute a lot of branded workout equipment. Millennials will be inclined to use equipment which bears the logo of a well-liked brand, so convincing them that you are just that will go a long way. Again, an attractive logo is an important step in achieving this.

Branded workout equipment is a great way to attract audiences, and in particular millennials. Branded by Disrupt offers custom made equipment, allowing you to showcase your logo on a range of different equipment.

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