What is Brand Personality and Why is it Important for Businesses

Brand personality. Though it may seem like an incongruent phrase, brands, like people, have individual personalities unique to them. A number of factors contribute to this personality. From the brand's logo and colours, to the way it promotes, to what it sells, all factors have an impact.

How to develop the right brand personality

This concept can be very useful for organisations to reach their target market. For example, a company trying to reach young people might opt to use more vibrant colours. They're also likely to have an active and youthful voice on social media. This creates a personality which the target market can identify with and therefore more likely to make young people more inclined to show interest in the company.

Brand personality can be developed by the use of colours

Promotional products can have an enormous effect on brand personality and how an organisation is viewed. Companies which fail to put significant effort into their brand promotion come across as lazy and disinterested. Many people will assume this will be reflected in their products, which can deter potential customers. In contrast, companies which go above and beyond with the development of their promotional products portray themselves as active, motivated, and outgoing.

High quality products and what it can do for brand personality

Many of the biggest companies in the world have reached that point by promoting a personality centred around high performance, good quality products. For example, consider Nike, the largest sports apparel company in the world. Their products are industry leaders and consistently lead its field in innovation. A passion for creating new, exciting products is a major part of its personality and this is reflected in the products themselves.

Nike has developed a brand personality centred around a passion for innovation Nike has developed a brand personality centred around a passion for innovation

A company such as Nike is unlikely to distribute low quality promotional products. For this group, portraying an image of quality and innovation is essential, to achieve this,  high quality promotional materials need to be used. This is where big ticket promotional items like surfboards, high quality basketballs and other sporting equipment can come in handy. These items demonstrate a commitment to quality and personify the kind of brand personality which these kinds of companies aim to portray.

Branded has a wide range of high quality, durable promotional products. Your brand could benefit enormously from advertising on such products, helping you to be more Like Nike.

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