How are boxing gloves made?

Why Boxing Gloves Hit Harder Than Bare Fists: How It’s Made

Have you ever wondered how boxing gloves are made? Most people don't even know this, but it's a true fact that boxing gloves are able to hit harder than your bare fist. Sure, they offer a lot of protection on your knuckles, and the strike to the face isn't going to be as sharp, but the overall force applied to your face is going to be even more when you have a boxer hit you in the face when he's wearing his boxing gloves.

How are Boxing Gloves Made?

Before we can get to the fun stuff, let's talk about something that's going to lay down the science of our basis. Let's talk about the ways in which they're created. Boxing gloves have been around a long time, with the sport dating back to the BC era with the boxing gloves obviously coming afterwards. These gloves that you see fighters wearing today have been on the fists of many, with very little change in terms of what they're made with and how they're used in fighting. Boxing gloves began as being fist-layers made from leather, which did a good job at protecting the faces from these fighters and also the fists of the puncher. Boxing gloves today are still made from leather, and are usually wrapped in multiple layers to ensure maximum protection, while still remaining comfortable to wear on the boxer's hands. Some different styles of boxing gloves exist, but they tend to be made very similarly in terms of the materials used and the way they're put together. Here are some common materials from boxing gloves:  All of these materials are combined to create the boxing glove, and do a great job with exerting concussive force and protecting you at the same time.

How Do They Apply So Much Force?

Boxing gloves are able to apply a lot of force, which makes them such brutal things to wear during a fight. Many fighters actually claim that they would rather be hit by a bare fist than a boxing glove, because the force from a glove is so much greater than the force created by just your bones. Watching this video, you can see what I'm talking about. When most things get crushed by a hydraulic press, they're utterly destroyed. Well, not boxing gloves.
As you can see, a lot of different custom boxing gloves exist, so you might be wondering... Do they all have the same type of material in them? Well, yes. Basically, most boxing gloves carry the same material in them, but they might vary in ways such as how they're wrapped, and how the padding is formed to fit around your hand, and obviously you're going to see a difference in the aesthetic quality of your gloves. Either way though, they're extremely strong and reliable to have on your hand, especially if you invest in a good pair. Boxing gloves apply more concussive force to what you punch, due to the concentration of the punch and the weight of the glove, whereas the bare fist hurts more in most cases due to it being a sharp blow, especially with your actual knuckle touching the thing/person that you're trying to punch.

How Are Boxing Gloves Manufactured?

If you're interested in learning about how these gloves are made in the manufacturing plant, then you're in luck. Most boxing gloves are first assembled by hand. This is a very important part of the process, because if you mess up the assembly, then you're going to mess up the entire glove. Leather is a very important part of the process, because the cut from the leather that's shipped in has to be the right size so that it can perfectly wrap around the glove and be sewn on. After the basic assembly is finished, then it's flipped inside out and starts to get stitched. The top of the glove where the knuckles go is the first thing to be stitched on, which makes up a good part of the glove's body. After this, the thumb part gets added. After these main parts, the glove begins to look like a glove. Once the assembly and stitching are finished, then the stuffing of the glove happens which allows the glove to protect you. Then, the glove is finished being manufactured! After everything is through, they're able to design the glove however they want. Many times, people want to have custom boxing gloves so they can feel and look their best when getting into this amazing sport.
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