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Boxing 101: What Boxing Gloves to Choose so Your Fist Doesn't Hurt

Nobody likes to feel pain when they box. Boxing should be fun, and pain does come with the sport. However, you shouldn't feel pain on your fists when you're boxing. Let's talk about some of the ways you can choose the best boxing gloves. This way, you'll be able to box without feeling fist pain.

Why do my Fists Hurt After Boxing?

Most of the time, the reason that your fists hurt after boxing is due to these reasons:
  1. You lack proper boxing technique
  2. Your wrists aren't strong enough yet
  3. Your boxing gloves don't offer enough support.
Usually, reason #1 and #2 are why your fists hurt after boxing. There are some ways you can fix this though. Here are some ways you can get better at avoiding wrist pain:
  • Get a boxing coach or mentor and learn the proper form when boxing. Usually you just need to learn how to use the heavy bag better.
  • Strengthen your wrists by using the methods found here.
  • Continue boxing as much as you can but stop when you begin to feel wrist pain.
  • Warm your wrists up beforehand. This can do wonders for your fist pain. Here's how you can do this:

Types of Gloves to Avoid Fist Pain

As stated earlier, your actual boxing gloves might be an issue. Before anything, make sure you're wearing the correct gloves for what type of training you're doing. For example: if you're training on the bags, then you might want to wear bag gloves which will be easier on your fist and wrist. Something to keep in mind is that you need to have boxing gloves with good wrist support. We had already talked about how important wrist support is for keeping your fists safe from harm. This means that you should make sure that your gloves have good padding throughout, and make sure that your hand fits nicely and is snug around the wrist area. If your glove isn't tight around your wrist, then you should think about buying a wrist strap.

wrist strap boxing

In conclusion, you should always think about the health of your fists and wrists when boxing. Clear technique with high boxing intelligence and wrist support should stop you from harming your fists when training. If you're considering buying a custom boxing glove, we create ones with high wrist support to protect your hands while boxing.
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