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Types of Yoga Mats to Buy Online - What Are The Best Yoga Mats?

Yoga is a great way for you to exercise, relax during your day, build confidence, and manage your anxiety all at the same time. Yoga has been used more and more by people in the last decade than ever before. With that, if you're interested in yoga then you should know about the types of yoga mats that exist. Let's talk more about that!

Types of Yoga Mats to Buy Online

There are many types of yoga mats you can buy online. Here are some of the main ones:
  1. Regular Sticky Yoga Mat - The first kind of yoga mat you can buy is the basic one that many people tend to have. This type of mat is slightly sticky so that your feet and hands can grip the mat better so you don't fall while in position. This is a great beginner yoga mat for you to try if you're new to yoga.
  2. Rubber Yoga Mat - Just as the title states, this type of yoga mat is a little bit different because it's made from rubber. This type of mat is more eco-friendly and is better for the environment. Also, you can still get a good grip with these mats!rubber yoga mat
  3. Cotton Yoga Mats - Cotton yoga mats are great for those of you that sweat a lot. Many men tend to use cotton yoga mats due to their sweat glands being more active than females. However, these are good for anybody who wants to use them! These are also very comfortable and made for those of you who like to feel good while doing yoga. Cotton feels much better than rubber and regular yoga mats in a lot of cases.
  4. Jute Yoga Mats - Jute mats are probably the most eco-friendly yoga mats in existence right now. These are made from completely natural substances that are typically found in Eastern Asia. These are also a little bit sticky, which is good for you to get a grip on the mat with your feet and hands! As you can see below, these look a tad different with the stitching that's been done. These yoga mats are made differently. jute yoga mat
  5. Travel Mats - As you can imagine, yoga mats that are meant for traveling are typically smaller and fold up easier. These travel mats shouldn't be used on a day to day basis, but they're great to use in shorter stints! Most of the time, these are also accompanied by a bag to carry them in. You can also expect thinner, lighter material in these mats.

Yoga Mat Material: Which is Best?

There are many types of material that you can have in your yoga mat. Here are some of the main types of yoga mat material you can find:
  • Polyvinyl - Yoga mats made from PVC (polyvinyl) material are generally good mats to use in terms of stickiness and texture. However, for those of you that are environmentally conscious, you should stay away from this material. These are made from non-recyclable, toxic material to the environment.
  • Foam - Although foam isn't always the most comfortable type of material, it can still offer good protection and feel in a yoga mat. Foam yoga mats are generally very good for the environment since they have no toxicity to them. Also, these are great to use if you're someone that prefers a lightweight mat.
  • Natural Rubber - Natural rubber yoga mats are some of the best investments you can make. These are long-lasting, durable, and well created yoga mats that will work well for a long time. You can use these for years and still have a stickiness to them with great texture. Lastly, these are also great for the environment, being biodegradable and easy to dispose.
  • BUNA-N - An uncommon material used in yoga mats, you can still find yoga mats made from BUNA-N material. The selling point for yoga mats made from this material is that they're supposed to be "smell deterrent." This attracts a lot of customers from people who get sweaty when doing yoga.

What Are The Best Yoga Mats?

The best yoga mats are the ones that you like the best. Everyone has their own preferences, but not everybody can agree that a certain mat is the best to use. The video at the top of this article should help you in picking out your first yoga mat. However, in most cases, you should start out with your very first yoga mat being a regular yoga mat since these give you a good idea of what to expect. Good luck in finding your yoga mat!
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