5 Benefits of Jumping With a Weighted Jump Rope

5 Benefits of Jumping With a Weighted Jump Rope

Jumping rope is one of the best tools for an efficient cardio workout. One of the best innovations to jumping ropes are certainly the weighted jump ropes or skipping rope as the British call it. The resistance that they provide with additional weight dramatically increases the efficiency of the jump rope cardio workout. In this post, we will share some of the essential benefits of jumping with a weighted jump rope!

Here is the list of the benefits:

  1. You will burn more calories.
  2. You will feel greater muscle engagement.
  3. You will learn the jumping technique much faster.
  4. They offer much more versatility.
  5. Will help build your shoulders.


You will burn more calories

You will burn more calories


First of all, jumping rope exercise is proven to burn more calories than a casual jog. Let's say that you are exercising for 30 minutes. If you are jogging at 5 mph speed, you will burn approx. 336 calories, while you will burn approx. 600 calories at the same time with a regular jumping rope.

If you exercise with a 1lb weighted jump rope, you will burn 10% more calories than with a usual jumping rope - 660 calories approximately. So, for each 1lbs you add to your jump rope, you will stack up an additional 10% of burned calories. 

Actually, jump ropes, whether weighted or not, are much more effective in burning calories than jogging or cycling. That's because you will exercise with much more intensity when using a jump rope.


You will feel greater muscle engagement

 You will feel greater muscle engagement


Regular jump rope utilizes your shoulders, lower back, glutes, and hamstrings. With the weighted jump rope's increased resistance, you will feel that you have done a full-body workout after only 20 minutes.


The weighted jump rope will additionally utilize your triceps, forearms, and all of the back muscles in addition to the muscles mentioned above.


You will learn the jumping technique much faster

Learn the jumping technique much faster.


If you ever tried jump ropes, you know how there are huge openings for errors, like getting stuck on the rope. That happens because regular jump ropes aren't that tight, so you need to pay extra attention to the feedback you get from them to minimize errors.


Weighted jump ropes dramatically improve the feedback you get, which allows you to time your jumps with more ease. They will also spin slower than regular jump ropes, which is great to learn your rhythm as a beginner.


With weighted jump ropes, you will improve your jumping technique much faster than with a regular one.


They offer much more versatility

Weighted jumping ropes offer much more vesatility.

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Of course, most weighted jump ropes are designed with interchangeable handles. That means that you can change the jump rope's weight on the go, depending on how intense you want your workout to be.

Want to master your jumping technique, or just want a high-intensity workout? Simply change the weight accordingly, and you're good to go.


Will help build your shoulders

Weighted jump rope will greatly improve your shoulder muscles.


Even with fit people, the shoulders are the weakest parts of the body. Jump ropes are great at contracting and stabilizing your shoulder muscles. One of the great benefits of jumping with a weighted jump rope is that it will force your shoulders more, which will result in faster shoulder development without injuries.



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